Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nu Shooz

Hi. So. So, you know how I've been walking Sarah to school lately? Did I mention that? I promised her that I'd walk her in the stroller to school on fine days, and I've been keeping up with it for the most part. 1.3 miles each way according to Mapquest (or Google, I forget), so I'm walking a minimum of 2.6 miles, and often 5.2 miles, each nice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Not bad, right?

So, a funny thing has been happening lately. Walking has been feeling... slow. You know, as if I were walking. Sarah's in this great jogging stroller and I? I am not jogging. Walking briskly (about 4 miles an hour), but definitely not jogging. And I caught myself thinking today that I'd like to have some running shoes.

My sister is staggered. So is Tom.

Why? Because I haven't deliberately exercised since 1992. No, wait, I played indoor soccer for a season or two in the mid-nineties. Fifteen years.

And here's the funny thing. It's been so long since I was even remotely interested in anything like working out that I have not got a single appropriate piece of clothing for it. Okay, fine, I have t-shirts. You win. I have no appropriate footwear. To wit, I give you the last pair of running shoes I bought:

Look at those babies! They're so old school they deserve some Hipstamatic love:

Ah, the good old Nike Pegasus. Look at that swoosh. Do they even make them like that any more? (Oh. It would seem they kinda do.)

I totally remember buying these with my dad. We drove all the way up to Newport to get them. See, I grew up in a small town. No, smaller. Whatever you're thinking, it was smaller. The last census put the population at about 1100 people, but that includes all four villages in the area. So we didn't exactly have a sporting goods store up the street. 

I was a little bit of a jock in high school: soccer, mainly, but also dabbled in lacrosse, softball and basketball. I even tried squash once. (We quickly parted ways.) I took sports seriously, and my dad took sports really seriously. So we hopped in the car and drove the thirty or so miles to get me properly outfitted for running at my new boarding school. Dad insisted on the best, and we were told these were the best. As I recall, they cost us $65. That was a lot of money in '85. But they got me through three years of high school soccer and lacrosse and another two years of college soccer. Totally worth it.

But I suspect that running shoe engineering has changed a bit in the last (OHMYGOD) twenty-five years. I suspect you can probably now get a degree in engineering running shoes. I have no idea what a person like me would need. Besides shoes with an instep and soles that don't flap when you take a step. 

I used to love running. I used to be so strong and so quick. And I can sort of feel a little bit of that speed waiting in my legs. Somebody give me a clue as to how to let it out. Totally for reals. What does a small woman need for a 2.5 to 5 mile run on (mostly paved) roads? Any thoughts? Anyone? 


Cindy said...

Oh Tia -

You are in for a treat! There are so many wonderful shoes out there. You have to try them!

I'm a big fan of Acis right now ... my sister in law did a lot of research and told me they were the best. She's a runner, and so I believed her. They are awesome.

There are also these shoes that are like rubber feet, with toes, that some doctors say you should wear. I see them a lot. I have no idea ... but then again, there are doctors who recommend them..... I think they're called Vibram Five Fingers.

Can't wait to see your nu shooz! Post pix!

Cindy said...

Asics ... not Acis.

mommatosena said...

Hmmm can't really help with any kinda real knowledge as the last shoes I bought were Rebok and that was purely cause they were on sale and I didn't want to spend until I knew I was really going to do something. The pair I am using presently is New Balance. I say find the time to go to a sport store and have someone fit you. Not the HS kid on break either! They should watch you walk and find you a shoe that fits well and keeps your alignment so that feet and hips dont start to hurt. Wait maybe I do have real knowledge! That's what you get when the people around you run!! No they arent running from me either! GL with it I am excited for you nothing like that feeling of energy waiting in your limbs to be let out! For sure new pix of the shooz!

Cate said...

I had a similar pair but mine were pink and purple and I thought they were the most stylish thing EVAH.

I'll second the idea of getting fitted, but if you don't have anyplace remotely nearby, will help you out online.

AG Ambroult said...

Indeed, sneakers-on-your-blog day :)
I just started running last month for the first time in a shameful amount of time. Loving it. I got myself a decent pair of running shoes at marshalls. jog bra,shorts, and those tshirts you already have will do it. This is precisely why I chose running as my exercise of choice. No membership fees or equipment to buy. And you can just walk out your front door and start.

Micmacker said...

Okay, I don't think this is about running shoes, but I still love the song:

Grace said...

I can totally relate. I will ONLY exercise if it accomplishes something - either having fun (horseback riding), or getting me someplace/getting something done (walking/biking/gardening), or (in the case of yoga) centering me spiritually. But once I'm in the habit of doing it for any of those reasons, if I don't do it, I miss it and get all twitchy.

5.2 miles a day to and from preschool sounds great to me!

I look forward to your tales from the road!