Monday, September 21, 2009

All Thumbs

Well, well, well. Look who's stable enough for a little visit! It's been approximately forever since the last time I was able to hold Jane, but Awesome Nurse Patricia felt it was high time the kid got a furlough. We got two and a half hours in the chair the ICN snagged from the cardiac unit when they decided they didn't like it down there.

Toward the end of the visit Jane got hungry and started sucking on her tubes. Using some serious mama jiu jitsu, I managed to hold the baby, keep her breathing tube in place, maneuver a thumb in her mouth AND snap a pic with the phone. It was totally worth it. She started high satting like crazy as soon as she got the hang of it and was sucking away. If she's anything like her big sister, I have just introduced her to her very bestest friend for the next four years.

The string of good days keeps on coming. She's still dealing with some edema (especially under the chin and in her groin), but is otherwise doing really well. She's got both an eye exam and an ultrasound on the menu this week. I guess her head should grow about a centimeter a week, and this week it grew and a centimeter and a half. Time to check on the brains again. No swelling no swelling no swelling.

I'll keep you posted on all that throughout the week, invisible readers. For tonight, I'll leave you with this thought: while a four-pound baby is a hell of a lot bigger than a two-pound baby, she's still a tiny, tiny human being.


Rachel said...


webmaster said...

Seconding the "yay"!

artandsoul said...

Oh wow! And another yay! Tears of joy actually feel different than tears of fear - how cool! Thanks for that!

(all three of my daughters were thumbsuckers and I credit their fine constitutions and intelligence and strong-girl-autonomy to that!)

Anonymous said...

Jane is so sweeeettttt!! sorry Brettfabulous and I couldn't make it to the Lake House to visit, he has a horrible cold (I got over mine faster because girls rule) and I didn't want to infect you!

Meredith said...

She's so gorgeous. I'm a big fan of the thumbsucking baby over here, doing my best to inculcate the second one. Your thumb is your buddy!

Sheila Peuchaud said...

that is a lovely photo of the both of you. so much love there.