Saturday, September 19, 2009

How 'Bout That?

Here's what we did today.

First, we packed and cleaned all morning and said good-bye to the lake house.

Then we were off to the hospital, where I got to change Jane's diaper. Jane managed an EPIC poop mid-change, on the heels of an almost-epic poop that went most of the way up her back (hey, you're reading a blog about a baby; the poop talk is inevitable). The second poop was so epic that she actually got it all over the back wall of her isolette. Look:

You see where those three hoses are coming into the isolette? Yeah, she hit that. I didn't know babies could do that.

Which gets us to the next thing we did: changed out the entire isolette. Which took... wait, let me count... six people to accomplish: one respiratory therapist, four nurses, and me. I got to hold her, Kunta Kinte-style, while everything was whisked away from under her. And of course, in typical Jane fashion, she LOVED it.

Awesome Nurse Donna kept the isolette open for us afterward so that we could get some lovin' in, and Awesome Big Sister Sarah was in heaven:

Jane was doing so well, was so happy, that Donna was able to turn her oxygen all the way down to 44%. Don't believe me? LOOK AT THIS:

She's been doing so well, Donna may even have used the H word. I'm not going to type it out loud, but it's, you know, the place where we live. Ahem. Not that we'd be bringing her here anytime soon, but we can kinda think about the fact that, well, we likely will.

How 'bout that?


Rachel said...

Now that is awesome, and should offset having to leave the lakehouse nicely.

Sue said...


Sue (zinny)

Renee said...

woo hoo! (very quietly, so as not to jinx it)

Meredith said...

Honey, that's the most adorable photo ever. She's so sweet (although she does give indications of being feisty, doesn't she? and I mean that in the best possible way).

tia said...

Feisty is, I think, exactly what's been getting her through all this. My girl kicks ass!

artandsoul said...

Wow - that was some day!! I love the picture of Sarah and her together - you'll be spending a lifetime collecting those shots! :)

Here's hoping for a great week.

SPF said...

I think this is one of the best baby pictures I have *ever* seen. She is so alive! So cute! It is so easy to imagine her living life outside the hospital.

Jane, you kick butt, beautiful girl.