Friday, September 18, 2009


A WHOLE (work) WEEK WITH NO CHANGE! This is so cool.

Jane spent a few hours last night at 47%, but never got below 40%. Matt, (if you're reading this) no crowds toasting Jane tonight. Still, yay! She spent the day today in the 60s and 70s, and was at 64% when we left this afternoon. It's funny this pattern, doing pretty well during the day then having such good nights. I assume it's because the nights are relatively quiet, and she isn't being poked and inspected and moved around so much.

Because she's been so stable these last few days, it was BATH DAY! It's such a fun, normal thing to be able to do with her, and it's one of the few things she needs that I can do entirely myself. (Although Tom did discover yesterday that parents of longtermers have been allowed to make adjustments on the vent settings themselves. I can't believe Tom hasn't already tracked someone down with paperwork and waivers and stuff to get permission. You can see his fingers twitching when Jane's high satting and there's no one around to turn her oxygen down.)

I was showing one of the nurses Jane's picture from her last bath, and I could suddenly see just how much she's grown:

Bath 1: August 19

Bath 2: September 18

(wow -- has it really been a MONTH since her last bath? I had no idea.)

Whole 'nother baby! Sarah got to come in and see her today for the first time in three weeks (scheduling conflicts and then a cough kept her away) and said, "She's so big! (pause) Can we take her home now?"


annachorn said...

"Still Yay" is correct, and toasting WILL come. And, I'm with Sarah...can't wait until you can take her home. Meantime, love Tom's trigger finger. Assuredly keeps attendings on their toes.

annachorn said...

addendum: so scary to me because of her size, but happy you got to bathe her. And, she does look double the size, and even cuter than a month ago, if that's possible.

tia said...

She IS double the size! She had just a hit a kilo a few days before her first bath, and she's been on either side of two kilos for the last week or so.

I was really nervous giving her the first bath, but this time (maybe because she's grown so much) it just felt like a normal bath for a normal baby. It was a really nice moment.

mommatosena said...

I can only imagine the glee for Sarah when Jane is finally home but glad she got to visit with her today! Love the new pic she is just precious and so big!

artandsoul said...

I love the pictures - so precious! One day she will absolutely hate these. But for now, thanks!

Bath day was once a month for hundreds of years in the Middle Ages. That Jane, she's so retro!

And Sarah sounds like a terrific big sister... what a blessing for all.