Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh, honestly

All right. Enough already.

So, Jane had a really rough morning due to a mechanical issue. Because SHE BROKE THE MACHINES. Well, not really. But from what I gathered from what Tom gathered, Jane managed to shut off all the machines this morning. BY EXHALING. She was fighting the vent and somehow managed to blow the oxygen out that was trying to blow in. The jet vent is designed to cut off if the pressure gets too high so her lungs don't, um, explode. Because she shut off the jet, the nitric backed up. So when the jet was running again, the nitric shut off because it too has an automatic shut-off when the pressure builds. Awesomely Amazing Respiratory Therapist Joel compared what she did to an adult on an oscillator coughing. He gets the extra accolade because he actually called the INVENTOR of the machine to figure out how to rewire it so she couldn't do that again. He and another Awesome Respiratory Therapist tried out alternative settings on fake lungs so they wouldn't have to mess with Jane's. So, they have the tubing set up so Jane shouldn't be able to do that kind of thing again.

(That's a sketch Joel made to try to explain how she broke the jet. Or something. I don't know. Tom snagged it, I photographed it, and now you're all looking at it. Because what's a blog without photos? Well, wordy. Duh.)

I mean, really. Is it me or is this kid looking to make trouble? She isn't even born yet (well, you know what I mean -- her gestational age is 33.5 weeks) -- what are we going to do when she's a TEENAGER?

True to form, Jane was on 100% oxygen pretty much all day because she can't just recover and get back to where she was yesterday. Nooo, she has to be all dramatic and go back to maximum settings on everything. Jesus. But Joel said to Tom that he's seen this kind of thing a lot. I assume he was referring to her ups and downs and not the mechanical snafu, since he said he was surprised she was strong enough to do it. I'm going to sacrifice a goat or something to whatever god arranged for Joel to be near her bed when it happened.


Rachel said...

Now that's impressive. If you're going to have to be on vents, you might as well make everyone work for it, right?

Rowena said...

That little girl has some powerful will, doesn't she? And what a rollercoaster she's taking you on.
She's remarkable, and so are you.

Cate said...


good thing the inventor was available. that's amazing.