Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Dialogue

A conversation this afternoon, via text:

(Tom arrives at the ICN)
Tom: Still at 100 but satting at 94 95
me: Hope they turn it down soon
Tom: Me too looks like they could

Tom: Took her down to 87 on the nitric [ed: nitric meter] at my urging still satting at 92 was wide awake when I got here
me: Cool -- a good start!
Tom: Leg swelling has gone down pretty edemic on inner thighs which isn't new
me: Good news on the swelling. Are you going to try to talk w/Juliette or Madge?
Tom: If they come by. She could come down more on the o but Karen went to lunch
me: Kim or Megan could turn it down...
Tom: Hasn't been below 90 on her sats since I got here and closer to 95
me: She likes you better than me!
Tom: I do have weird luck with the sats. Just asked for her to be turned down now at 85 on nitric and 91 on regular

Tom: Down to 81 and high satting
me: Go daddy mojo!
Tom: High satting like crazy and no one is here 98 and 97
me: Find someone, quick!
Tom: down to 77 and still satting at 96
me: Fine, show off for Dad, Jane.
Tom: She's going to come down more I think

Tom: Karen is cautious on the o wean
me: Well, you can't blame her.
Tom: I know she stopped high satting finally tho she is at 92
me: Guess she figured she got your attention sufficiently.

Tom: She's back high satting but Karen just looks at it
Tom: Angela would have had her down another ten
me: Ask her why
Tom: when she comes back I will

Tom: Got one of the nurses to take her down she was hitting 100 over and over
me: Nice
Tom: At 73 and still high satting

Tom: Karen's killing me on the phone and jane is high satting at 70
me: I don't suppose you could hang up her phone and make it look like an accident.
Tom: Down to 66 and satting at 95
(Tom heads home)

We're just a teensy bit obsessed with Jane's oxygen. Tom keeps saying that he wants a webcam trained on her monitor so he can stare at it no matter where he is. It's a joke, but he's totally serious. The nurses call him Jane's lucky charm because she always starts high satting when he arrives. The little stinker is a total suck up already! If she keeps buttering him up she's going to have a new car by the time she's discharged.

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mommatosena said...

There is something to be said for daddy's and their girls! Glad that you are closer to the hossy and taking a bit of a vacay...I wonder what kind of car she will want?