Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Expectations

Tom's turn at the hospital today, and it was just your basic day. Nothing big happened -- good or bad. And I think after the big conversation yesterday, everyone was oddly let down. Like we were all thinking, "Okay, kid. You're supposed to be all better starting... NOW." Well, Miss Jane didn't get the memo. Or was behind in her reading. I don't know. Point is, she didn't magically get her oxygen down in the forties, or wean down to conventional vent pressure settings.

Damn, that's right. We still have to do the daily grind. Sheesh.

Tom did get to have another great conversation with another of the neonatologists -- this one is the one who specializes in pulmonary issues and runs the clinic for the ICN graduates after they go home. Let me pull up my notes (Tom's texts) from earlier today...

"Long chat with Dr R who is thrilled and surprised by her turnaround. Radiologist thought head ultrasound showed perhaps a little more hydro [hydrocephalus] but Doc R says no and no more ultrasounds until 40 weeks. Says that neurologically she is doing great, no PVL [the last potential aspect of the bleed that we were still worried about and waiting for the final word on]

"Love me some Doc R. Said Miss Jane is awfully sweet to be so tough... She thought the xrays were improved, more black... Nine day steroid wean starts today."

Oh, and the last line from Tom today:


Um, emphasis mine there. She's going to pee a bunch off tonight (she got another dose of a big-time diuretic today), but that's about five pounds of baby there.

How 'bout them apples?


annachorn said...

them apples are right in season...and lovin' those five pounds!!!!!

artandsoul said...

Had to catch up on the last three days of posts, and you're right - there's some really good news in there! Terrific!

Sounds like you've got the right team for the job - and by the time the "H" word is reality you'll be totally ready.

Reminds me of bringing my first baby home - scared the living daylights out of me. Turned out just fine!

Good luck, and here's wishing for a good week!