Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Joel

Another day, another two hours cuddling with Jane. Tragically, the Awesome and Amazing Papa Joel is going on VACATION for two weeks. As is Tim, the almost as awesome and amazing. Which may mean no cuddle time until they get back. How can they DO this to me? Jane's nurses and I were trying to think of which respiratory therapists we might be able to cajole into helping us out while our guys are out. Lots of RTs get nervous about moving the babies on oscillators. In fact, one of Jane's nurses today, Awesome Nurse Meg, is new to our hospital and Jane was the first baby on an oscillator she'd ever taken out of an isolette for kangaroo care (her previous hospital didn't allow it).

Turns out Joel is even more awesome and amazing than I already knew. He's the one who first suggested that oscillator babies should be allowed cuddle time. How cool is he? I think I'll just refer to him as St. Joel from now on.

So, let's see. News. Jane had a Doppler exam on her left inner thigh, which has been mysteriously swollen for about two weeks. They didn't find a clot, so the mystery remains. It's not as swollen as it had been a couple weeks ago -- the diuretics she's on have been helping a little, but the darn thing won't go completely away. Apparently, Jane just isn't satisfied if there's nothing to talk about.

Eye exam #3 tomorrow, head ultrasound #whateverteen Friday. And she's now old enough (over 60 days) to get her first innoculations! The normal keeps happening.

Oh, and have I mentioned how fat she's getting? This morning she weighed something like 2200 grams, which is well over four and a half pounds. That ain't all water weight -- we've got chub!

Fat and happy and two months old. Happy Fall!


annachorn said...

Sounds like you're getting ever closer to the H word. Fat, happy and two months old is fabulous. Go girl!!!! And, happy Fall to each of you. Love, Ann

MiHae Hooper said...

Happy Fall indeed! I love baby chub. Here's hoping Fall will bring balance, less (dare I say no?) NICU crisis for you, and bring you all one step closer to living under one roof.
Cheers, MiHae

P.S. Bea would love, love, love to see Sarah. One of the early eves we'll come a knockin'!

artandsoul said...

Great news about the chub! Pile it on Jane!

It means a lot to me today to know that you and yours are doing well, and moms and their daughters in hospital ICUs are improving little by little.

You've made a REAL difference in my day today. So thanks!