Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dudes, We're Totally on Vacation

And yet the blog continues! Because we're on vacation twenty minutes from the hospital. Par-tay! (It's a very nice house on a lake, actually, with both wireless internet AND a zillion channels via satellite, so no complaints.)

So, Miss Jane got all the way down to 48% on her oxygen last night thanks to Awesome Nurse Donna. I have this image of her standing in the way of the ventilator dials all night so that no one could get in there to mess with them. See why I'm constantly praising the nurses? They totally rock.

Jane spent most of the day back up in the 80s, but was down to 59% when Tom left the ICN this evening. There doesn't seem to be a real reason why, so I'm not going to try to speculate (publicly, anyway; Tom and I of course spent a little time talking about what might have happened and slagging on the mysterious Them I like to blame for inexplicable events). They have been weaning the pressure a bit, but it seems they're being a lot more cautious.

I have got to get a picture for you all of Jane's bottom that won't get me arrested for child porn. She's got this massive strawberry birthmark on it; if it were on her actual buttock instead of her very upper thigh it'd nearly cover the entire cheek. Apparently it's a hemangioma, which is simply a benign tumor. (I know, right? At least it's benign.) It'll keep growing for a year or so, and then start to shrink and possibly go away entirely. I hope so, for her sake. It's cute on her little baby bum, but a teenager would NOT be psyched about swim season with this thing covering the back of her thigh. Do you know how much babysitting and lawnmowing she'd have to do to pay for plastic surgery? Yes, it's true: I'm THAT kind of parent. "I had to start working at 11! And we walked to school uphill in the snow when it was 30 below! [It's true!] Now quit yer griping and get to work!"

One thing we learned today from the head nurse practitioner: Jane has extremely unusual x-rays. In fact, "abnormal" was the term she used. Her x-rays have all been sent to the medical school for the newbie doctors to study. I have no idea how or why or in what manner they're abnormal because the NP didn't give Tom much of an explanation, but there you go. Something new to pester the doctors about.

Alrighty then, back to my vacay. Which right now means watching the Red Sox on the teevee. Just like at home, but in a different state. I know, we're wild ones.

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Glad to hear the awesome nurses have Jane's backside. Wait, no, got the two main themes mixed up. Anyway, I hope that the trip helps you relax.