Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Early Post? Wha?

I can almost hear you thinking, "Am I in the right place? What blog is this? Who's in charge here?"

Not to worry, invisible readers. You're in the right place (assuming you're here to catch up with Jane; if not, WRONG NUMBER). Since I can't get down to the hospital (why are three year olds so grody with the germs, anyway?) I've got Jane's crew working hard for me.

I called down this afternoon, and Awesome Guest Photographer Kristy dove right in with the cute. "She's being so social! We've been reading to her and she's cuddling her bunny and watching Birdie and she LOVES the paci, she's keeping it in all by herself and..." Thanks, Kristy. How 'bout you twist that knife while you're at it?

Oh, I kid. I hate not being there, but I'm so thrilled to hear how well Jane's doing. As Kristy put it, "She's a whole new woman!"

Her oxygen levels have been great (hasn't gone above 40%), but she's fighting off the naps. Silly girl doesn't want to miss out on a thing.

Her heart and respiratory rates were up a little earlier today; probably nothing going on, but they took an x-ray (which she did NOT appreciate) just to check the lungs. I'll let you know what they have to say.

Oh, and did I mention? 18 weeks today! That's 5 weeks, adjusted. Does Jane LOOK like a 5 week old to you? Of course not. She's totally gifted.


Renee said...

Love the paci action!

annachorn said...

Love those bright, beautiful, penetrating eyes. One step at a time, she's going to take over the Universe!!!! Tough for you Tia, that you haven't been able to be there as much as you'd like. But, thankfully, you have awesome Nurse Kristy, and the rest of the awesome cast, to give you assurance that Jane is being very well cared for (along with the photos to back up their enthusiastic claims!) Hope Sarah's eyes are better, as well as her cough.
Also hope Jane's progress continues on schedule. Paci is great, but those cheeks!!!!!

artandsoul said...

I am mesmerized by those bright, beautiful, penetrating eyes!

Lovely girl! Can't wait to hear more news!