Monday, December 21, 2009

Photoganza Continues

Day whatever of the plan, and all's well. (Did it really start Friday? Saturday? I'm not sure what they consider day one.) Jane's down to 10 from an original setting of 20 on the nitric, up to 2.5 hours breathing without the rate twice a day

Awesome Nurse Kristy was on today. She has a little bit of a thing about Jane's wardrobe. As soon as she found this dress she had to put it on her and snap some pics. Can you see it? It's so cute -- brown and white stripes, with little ears on the hood, courtesy of Jane's Aunt Sue.

We tried another breastfeeding session, but it was far from our most successful attempt. Jane threw a total nutty just as I was picking her up and it threw us off our stride just a smidge. She exhausted herself and passed out for a bit, but then we managed fifteen minutes or so of respectable work.

And then, fun with faces!

Kristy got her all tucked in and Jane snuggled herself to sleep. I was just getting ready to leave when...

rattle rattle rattle

Jane was playing with Birdie! On purpose! Repeatedly! I need to find an iPhone video app. She was awfully cute, and still pictures do not come close to doing it justice.

The tree is half-decorated, the garlands half-wound -- I got work to do, peeps. Later!


artandsoul said...

Love the pictures! She's adorable!!!!

A half decorated tree is totally hip and in! Hasn't anyone told you that??

And I love the dress... she's surely a cutie.

It's such a great part of my day to come on here and get some Jane sugar. :)

Thanks for taking the time to do this!


tia said...

I live to serve!

I have gotten to the point where there's so much left to do I hardly see the point in doing ANY of it. I even had grand plans to bake. HAHAHAHAHA. And the minimalist tree may have to stay as is. I'm relieved to hear it's the in thing.

annachorn said...

Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Looks to me like she's moved beyond the "solemn expression." Think she's mastering the "social smile" - and then some. And those hypnotic eyes? This little sweetie's expressiveness is mesmorizing. Beautiful. Hope you all have a great Christmas, and lots of positive developments to look forward to in the new year. Love, Ann

Rachel said...

Hey, and nice neck control!

mommatosena said...

I admire the fact that you are even decorating and seriously the baking is overrated...let's face it who really eats it all....we do and it's not a requirement to put on holiday weight! The tree as far as I am concerned is done once the lights are on...the rest just takes from it's natural beauty! Speaking of natural beauties!! YOUR KIDS R GORGEOUS!! Sarah on that pony and in front of her tree!!! It won't be Tom that you are complaining about the phone before long!! That dress Jane is sporting is perfect for her!! She is toltally socialing in those pics!! and the neck control is awesome!! So just put your feets up and enjoy the free moments as they come because that is what will make the holiday special!! Don't forget gift bags...Peace Love and Joy to you all and ofcourse continued prayers as always!!

artandsoul said...

Let me echo your sentiments:


For those of you who are awesome enough to bake, please excuse my rudeness. :)

But at least in my house (and I don't have a 140 mile drive every day) - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA is about all the baking that's going to get done.

I had to come back for more smiling pictures - those are simply precious with her tongue sticking out - makes me smile every time!