Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Album

What do you say, invisible readers? Medical stuff or pictures?

Yeah, I thought so.

Our girl had a LOT of visitors today. Her zillion aunts and uncles have been itching to see her for months, and four of them got the golden ticket this afternoon.

First up, my sister. Jenny was the lottery Grand Winner, getting in a good snuggle with Janey before handing her off to me. (I was pretty proud of myself for giving her a whole half hour; I hadn't seen Jane in two days. Admire my restraint!)

Next, Jenny's husband, Kevin. (Technology has its limits; Kevin's waving to you all here.)

And finally, Tom's brother and sister-in-law, David and Carolyn. Tom didn't get a picture of David (sorry, David), but I went in with Carolyn later and here she is, immortalized on the intertubes.

I do believe Carolyn would have happily climbed into the crib to smoosh those cheeks, but showed her own admirable restraint.

Jane modeling a hat knitted by our friend Scott's lovely mother, Jean.

Awesome Nurse Kristy was on today and spotted some hair clips Awesome Nurse Liza (one of Jane's two regular night nurses) gave her Christmas.

And now, bonus shots from guest photographer Carolyn, who showed very little restraint in using her camera.

Nicely done.

In medico-world, Jane's had a weird few days. Nothing overly concerning, but they've backed off on the weans and time off the rate over the last three days. And the team was a little worried that Jane might be developing (or fighting off) an infection, so they did some bloodwork and cultured various bodily liquids. Her white blood cell count was slightly elevated as was whatever protein it is they check (I honestly can't remember what it's called; yes, I'm bad, I know). So she's got an IV in her arm (buried under about 10 yards of tape -- kid sweats like you would not believe) and is on antibiotics for 48 hours. No biggie. Just another thing.

Soup's on, gotta run. Thanks, fam, for making the pilgrimage to Jane's bedside. It meant the world to me, and I think Jane was damn glad to meetcha. (Anyone get the reference? ERic Stratton ring a bell? No? Google it.)


artandsoul said...


Jane's getting so big!! And she seems to have grown more hair in just one day!! She does really seem to love the company - I think I can envision her doing CHristmas dances in the future for family entertainment! (under the direction of Sister Sarah, of course) Do I see an Animal House riff?? :)

She's a beauty and I hope you get to spend some extra time in their with her this week.

Can't wait to see what's on tap for New Year's Eve!

Hugs and love and prayers,


tia said...

Din, ding, ding! Cindy wins our prize of... um... a direct response in the comments! Yay!

I know he's reprehensible, but I love Otter. Far and away my favorite Animal House character.

Thanks for the continued good wishes!