Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Five Months, Yo!

Can you believe it? Jane is five months old today. Five MONTHS.

To celebrate, she got to do something new and exciting: mat time.

There she is, playing with Awesome Developmental Therapist Thea. I mostly watched and helped with positioning because I wrenched my back this morning (just getting out of the car and lifting the Giant Bag of Important Crap I bring to the hospital every day, it was pathetic).

She really seemed to like it, but novelty has a certain appeal for our girl.

Tom's high school girlfriend came to visit (hi, Suzy!), and Jane was perfect: cute and alert half the time, and cute and asleep the other half. She was totally like the ICN poster baby.

It was just a really nice day. She's doing well on the plan, they made a few minor adjustments (ADJUSTMENTS, not changes -- one of the nurse practitioners said something about all the "changes" and Dr. L about jumped down her throat: "The plan has NOT CHANGED. We've just made some ADJUSTMENTS." Got that, people?), but overall she's handling everything pretty nicely.

This, of course, karmically offsets the fact that Sarah has PINK EYE. AGAIN. I didn't even bother calling the doctor, just went straight to the pharmacy and asked for the drops. No way is she infecting the entire family on both sides. That'd be a hell of a way to say Merry Christmas and thanks for all the support.

Also, her school is closed for Christmas break a day earlier than the schedule said, so it looks like we will be getting some baking done after all. And Jane's stocking may even be finished before the 25th. Silver linings, people, we're all about 'em here.


mommatosena said...

What a day! Hi Suzy too!! glad that she got mat time...sorry about the back...and what is it with school notices about days of closure that aren't on the schedule and what is it with Sarah's pink eye! Enjoy a day at home and try and find some time to put your feets up at least for a while. If you haven't watched Prep & Landing it's worth the time it can be found online! OUr crew seems to like it very much!

artandsoul said...

That picture of Jane looking up at ADT Thea is just adorable!! I wonder if Jane knows just how darn cute she is?!

So sorry to hear about your back, yikes! I remember that well -- I had this gigantic baby who didn't walk at 11 months and a newborn and my back would routinely cry "ENOUGH"!! And that was years ago when I was young like you! :)

Sending you many prayers for a blessed and peaceful (if pink-eyed) Christmas, and again I'm grateful to you for your willingness to share your family journey.

You've brought a wonderful light into my life down here in FL -- and I feel blessed to be part of the team pulling for her and her family!

Hugs, love and prayers -


Anonymous said...

I can't decide which is my favorite--her looking up at the therapist, chilling on the Bobby, or asleep in somebody's arms. I mean, that girl is scrumptious. I am smitten, I tell you, SMIT TEN.

Raspberry said...

Oh, that last comment was from Raspberry.

Raspberry said...

And that's BOPPY, not BOBBY. Oy.