Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mama Jiu Jitsu

It was a busy day, invisible readers. I learned some infant massage, tutored the neonatology fellow in what works best for Jane, vent-wise, so she could finish the new care plan, and took multitasking to a brand new level. At one point, I was pumping while Jane slept in my lap as I checked email. Fear me and my mad skillz!

I had Jane try breastfeeding at noon without pumping first -- it had only been an hour and a half, so I thought it wasn't too radical an experiment. FAIL. Poor thing took two giant swallows and backed off with a look on her face of utter bewilderment (and possibly horror). She obviously had no idea there was that much milk in the entire world, and there it was, pouring into her without letup. She kept a close eye on me until she fell asleep, let me tell you. I was actually relieved that she was willing to try again a couple hours later. Until then, I was pretty sure I had undone an entire week's worth of progress.

Once we had finished up, it was bath time, which was all cute and slippery and fun. And then... oh, peeps, and then I changed Jane's trach ties. Me! By myself! Well, Awesome Nurse Sue held the trach in place, and Awesome Tech Deb held Jane. (I am never changing trach ties without Deb ever again. She has those amazing mom hands -- do you know what I mean? Just firm and steady and calming and full of baby-wisdom. Jane wasn't happy, but she wasn't fighting the entire time, either. Unlike last time. I'm still a little traumatized by last time.) But I did the actual cleaning and placing of the collar and stuff. Sue said she was proud of me and that I could totally be a nurse. Isn't that sweet? She's such a good liar.

We were both worn out from our efforts. Jane passed out, and I went to the co-op to get her some fancy schmancy organic baby wash and massage oil and her very! own! chapstick! (Her lips get dried out.) Oh, and some Dial soap to keep her neck clean and healthy under the ties. But I got the aloe kind. Totally fancy!

Oh, and hey! Twenty weeks yesterday, and nine pounds, one and a half ounces today. Sing it!


mommatosena said...

You are a rock star! Way to multi task...take on the scary task of collar ties..and I am sure that Jane is not going to let the breast pass her by as she is in the know of the goodness. Once she gets it all figured out she will want it fresh from the tap regardless of how full!! Glad to hear that you were included in the plan formulation and can't wait to see how Jane responds! Stay warm and safe travels!

Karen said...

Tia - you are amazing! I hope that as you get used to doing some of this stuff like changing the trach ties, it will become less overwhelming. Your story about the breastfeeding was quite hilarious. Poor Jane and all that milk but I'm sure it won't take her long to figure out that she likes all that milk and then watch out!!

Tom said...

Invisible readers, I don't often comment, but wanted to echo what was said by Karen and Mommatosena and say that my wife is indeed a total rock star. Jane is so lucky to have come into this world with the mom she has. Tia: you continue to amaze and fill me with wonder.

Rachel said...

Woah, I'm so impressed. Get down with your bad self!

And to the commenting Tom, you rock, too!

jacobscindyj said...

You guys are awesome! Tia: you DO continue to amaze and fill with wonder ... not only Tom but a Universe of invisible readers! And Tom: what a guy! Shake 'em up at the hospital and tenderly bless the mama ... Very Nice Indeed!

Jane is really quite a grown up gal with her 20 weeks and 9 1/2 pounds!

Great post all around!! Stay warm, drive safely, many hugs and prayers heading north!


padjsd said...

We haven't seen each other in years....but I am in no way amazed at the fantastic way you are keeping up with your new daily activities. This blog is such a thorough description of your journeys. Tom sounds like just the guy for you! Sending hugs from Colorado to Miss Sarah and Miss Jane.

padjsd said...

p.s. In case you don't recognize my email address, that comment was from Jen Simmons Delamere. Yea know - the friend from (ugh - 20) years ago at PEA!