Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Something they did yesterday worked. Could be the steroids, could be the increased pressure support, could be... um... whatever else they did. Our girl responded to it, maybe all of it, and she seems to be feeling a bit better. Her Os came down -- by this afternoon she was back in the 40s when she was sound asleep -- and she spent a little time awake after the trach change.

(Thanks to Stealth Photographer Angela!)

I'm taking advantage of a lull in the winter weather to head down tomorrow, stock up on my pumping supplies, and get in some snuggles while I can. We have a BLIZZARD coming, peeps. (Probably.) And to think we were soooo happy this summer about the winter driving we weren't having to do. AHAHAHAHA.

Boy, is that a load of the not funny variety of irony.


artandsoul said...

Its so weird to think that the snow my friend in Dallas is thinking is "so pretty" will soon be blizzarding you in and keeping you off the road to Jane. Harumph!

I hope your time tomorrow is filled with good snoogling, and I bet those Mom-snoogles bring the O numbers down even more.

That's my bet! Peace and safe driving to you, and we'll double down on the prayers from this end.


mommatosena said...

We have been sending extra prayers for healing and safe driving. I wish I had some wonderful words to share but I think that my feelings about the blizzard, the bumpy road that has been traveled lately are just making me feel bummed that any of you that have to be on this road at all. Glad that Jane is feeling better and I hope that you are not feeling coldy ish anymore. Blessings to your and yours as you continue to gracefully navigate this journey.