Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More of the Same

Jane and I had a nice, quiet day today. Again. More time with Birdie, more sticking out of the tongue, more tunes.

No trach change, though. Gah. But then Awesome Nurse Jane (yes, Jane had her own big Jane to look after her today and yesterday) called me at home at 5:30 to let me know... they'd done it! And it went fine! And I can hold her again!

Aaaand we're supposed to get a big fat snow-and-sleet storm tomorrow. Damn it, winter! You've been cooperating so nicely and now, NOW, you feel the need to announce your presence? So lame.

The fascination with Birdie is just bizarre. But she's holding him, and playing with the little ribbon feathers and crinkling his wings and trying some majorly-skilled baby moves with him like batting at him, so our gaudy friend stays.

I picked Sarah up from school and we cruised town searching for Christmas light displays and found this:

A lit-up cement mixer! Sarah saw it and, no joke, said, "How cool is that?" Pretty cool, kid. That is pretty darned cool.


mommatosena said...

That is cool and I was really bummed about the forcast for you as well! Birdie and Jane seem to be mind melding 'cause it looks like mutual adoration! Glad the change went well and glad you can hold her again. Prayers that the weather passes quickly and is easily cleared.

Karen said...

That is an awesome truck! If Andrew saw that, he would be in heaven. So excited you get to hold Jane again!! The storm was supposed to have already started here in Toronto and so far nothing so maybe the forecast is wrong. Here's hoping.

Rachel said...

Woah. That's an awesome cement truck. Not as good as getting to hold Jane, but pretty rocking!

artandsoul said...

I love the birdie-batting! She's coming along so well! Does the trach change mean it's bathtime for baby today?? Yay! Hope you get some great snuggles in today!

I love the cement truck! Even the shamrocks are lit up - too cool!

Drive safely and slowly - stay warm!!

Hugs and prayers,