Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best. Conversation. EVER.

Tom certainly lucked out today. After being thoroughly traumatized by Friday's programme, he had the most reassuring conversation possible with the current attending, the amazing Dr. R. She's truly incredible, always upbeat and optimistic. Boy did we need a shot of that.

She simply thinks Jane is doing great. Period. She pointed out that Jane's still recovering from surgery -- a period that can last two weeks (hey -- no one said that before!), and that most kids have a really crappy time during that period (wait a minute, that's news, too), and that Jane is actually doing fabulously well considering what she'd just been through.

Well! That certainly puts a new spin on the week, doesn't it?

And shockingly, she was saying stuff like she doesn't want Jane home before Christmas because of staffing issues. Staffing issues are what are going to keep her at the hospital past Christmas? Staffing issues? I mean... seriously?

Well, if you say so, Awesomely Optimistic Dr. R. But my brain's not quite wrapping around that one.

Bonus photos from Jane's latest glamour shots session!

I'm out. I've got a Christmas card to cobble together, people, and the way this project is going I'm going to wind up with Jane's head very poorly photoshopped onto a snowman or something similarly awful and inappropriate.


Rachel said...

Yay! So glad that that there was *such* a good conversation!

artandsoul said...

I'm also offering a resounding YAY! Nothing quite like someone in the know saying "She's doing great!"

I'm not sure I get the whole "staffing" thing either, but maybe it will become clear in a day or two.

Those pictures are simply FABULOUS!! All of them - she's adorable!

Go have fun with your Christmas Cards... you're inspiring me (yet again) to do mine today too. Only mine will be totally boring :)


Karen said...

What a great update!! And the pictures from the photo shoot are fabulous. I love the smile in the first tubes in her mouth, just beautiful.

Grace said...

That is the most amazing cheekage on that girl. Whoa.

Yay for the optimistic Dr. R.!

Lori said...

Wonderful news! I'm so pleased that you got this lovely upbeat report today.

artandsoul said...

Grace is right - amazing cheekage! I can't stop looking at those pictures!