Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

First storm of the season, invisible readers! Let the winter driving begin! Let's see, we've got the snow tires on, just need to stock the car with a blanket, flares and chocolate bars. And maybe a hatchet. Or at least a Swiss Army knife. (Listen, I read My Side of the Mountain and Hatchet and all those books as a kid. No one's catching me shorthanded!) Matches! Gotta have matches.

Six inches of snow, most of it falling between 6 am and noon, kept me away from the hospital (but didn't stop me from taking Sarah to school -- hey, we pay a lot of money for those people to take her off our hands!) and Awesome Nurse Angela's phone was on the fritz, so no cheeky monkey pictures for you and no snoogles for me. But Jane did not suffer in my absence. From what I could gather, she was basically passed off from adoring fan to adoring fan for most of the day.

Welp, that's all I've got. Really. Unless you want to hear about the paperwork I have to start to get Jane in the Medicaid system... No? Aw come on, I actually get to fill out a form in triplicate. And I got to pick our medical equipment supplier today. Oh, the fun is just beginning.

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artandsoul said...

The least you could do for us here in Florida is take a picture of your snow!! So we can show it to our kids and say "this is what you're drawing with all those white crayons" ... Come on!


Triplicate? Really? In this day and age? No barcode for scanning, and electronic forms to be sent off into the ether?

Oh by the way "My Side of the Mountain" - all time favorite book as a kid (followed closely by The Chronicles of Narnia) and I still have my original paperback! You might also enjoy "The Lions Paw" by Robb White. Excellent!

Word verification is "upthe" and it made me think of Medicaid! LOL!