Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Directions

(Are you people watching Glee? Oh, man, you have GOT to catch up with this season. Go to if you've missed it because it is, like, the best show EVER. The glee club name is "New Directions". See what I did there?)

Day 3 of breastfeeding -- more of the good. Jane continues to be interested, but she only puts up with these little experiments for ten to fifteen minutes. I don't want to push her; that's a perfect way to set up an oral aversion and I am NOT dealing with that, thank you. I'm just happy that she's willing to participate.

She was in a surprisingly good mood considering she hardly slept all night. Again. Jane's turning into quite the party girl and I can't say I approve. I am a big fan of sleep. BIG. Any daughter of mine had better follow suit. Sarah complies, and so is allowed to remain a member of the family. Got that, Jane? I don't mess around when it comes to the sleep.

We spent a good while playing after she practiced eating. Did a little "So Big", a little "Row Row Row Your Boat", a lot of face-making. I had her sitting completely upright, supporting her head with my hand and she liked it so much...

... she actually fell asleep like that. Did I mention how tired she was?

I was torn about trying another practice session at 3, but she's always grumpy by then. I pumped, and then ran into a friend who's daughter had been transferred to Boston and just came back a couple days ago. By the time I got back to Jane she was lights out.

So I left. We had plenty of fun, got in a good practice session. No need to push things.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, someone got to go to the movies for the very first time!

Holy cats was she excited! She had to sit on three booster seats to be able to see the screen. I think she mostly liked it, but the scary parts? Yeesh. What is it with Disney and their need to scare the crap out of little kids? Sarah isn't scared by much, but she was crying and asking to go home at one point. Amazingly she still wants to go again. I think that has as much to do with the popcorn and gummy bears as anything else.

Okay, but you want to hear the coolest part of our day? All right. So, Tom finagled another consult with Boston Children's about Jane's lobe. Well, the same doctor who helped us before spent over an hour and a half on the phone with Tom tonight (part of the time on speakerphone while he made dinner for his kids), and recommended that the rate be turned off on Jane's vent so that she's breathing on her own but the machine supports those breaths. He said that the machine breaths were what was making the lobe so much worse (the pressure winds up being much higher during those breaths in a way that I'm not even going to try to explain). All righty then! Tom called Jane's hospital, spoke with the attending and bam! Rate off!

Oh, oh! And another super-cool part of the conversation was that Dr. Boston said that even though Jane's lobe has grown so much, she's performing really well, so there's no reason to operate. Yes! The goal now is to keep that lobe from becoming a bigger factor and keep avoiding surgery.

Dr. Boston totally deserves the Nobel Prize for Awesomeness.

And Tom gets a Special Commendation for his phone skillz. I give him a hard time about the amount of time he spends with a phone attached to his ear, but the guy can make things happen.


Lori said...

That's wonderful news. It's such a boon that Tom that has those skills. And I'm glad that the breastfeeding is progessing!

Rachel said...

Yay, Dr. Boston! Hurray, breastfeeding! Soon, with actual milk!

mommatosena said...

wow wow wow!!! I will say that even with you pumped dry she is still getting some of the goodness and seems to be doing sooo well with it I can't but help to get really excited! Glad that Tom was able to turn phone time into get things done time! and SUPER yay for Sexy boston Dr...yeah a man that cooks is soo sexy! Yes I am current with Glee and you r right it is a must see! sorry for the lil' rhyme there....and those pics!!! She is soooo cute! I can hardly stand it...and I hear tell that the kids that spend a load of time at the hossy are actually pretty good sleepers when they get home....I went terribly wrong with the sleep thing here.

artandsoul said...

Great news! All around!

My daughters all had similar experiences with movies at Sarah's age, but I began to think that it is okay for them to feel a little fear/excitement like that... especially in the safe container of a Disney movie with Mom and/or Dad right there. They didn't get super spooked or traumatized, and I think it kept them from getting too freaked out later ...

Just my opinion. And popcorn and Gummy Bears are awesome too!