Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, Just... WhatEVER.

Awesome Nurse Angela was up in Jane's grill today, and our girl loved it.

(Sorry, Angela. Tom made me post it. It really is cute, though.)

Jane managed to work the tape off her feeding tube, so Angela took the tube out and left it out so we could get a photo session in. Unfortunately, Jane was a fussy little monster, so this was as good as it got.

Hey look -- she finally got her hand in her mouth for like a nanosecond!

I don't know if you all can see it, but her hair is totally getting red. She's a ginger! (She was almost named Virginia and would have been nicknamed Ginny -- I'm sorry, but that would have been CUTE. A little redheaded Ginny. Of course people would call her Weasley [that's a Harry Potter reference, Mom] but I think it would have been worth it.)

Good news: Jane did some honest-to-god, milk-down-the-gullet breast feeding today! She fed for, I don't know, twenty minutes or so? A handy little device called a nipple shield (oh, I am embarrassing my nieces and nephews today!) helped her out by tricking her into thinking she had a pacifier in her mouth. Fine by me, as long as it works. And it works. See Jane eat!

In aggravating news: they decided not to mess with Jane's settings until they get a plan figured out. And then they went ahead and messed with her settings anyway. She had some less than stellar blood gases after have a too-good one, so they were yo-yoing the rate all day. There are just too many people who are able to get in there and mess around. The team is too big.

Tom had a conversation with another ICN dad today who posted a manifesto on his kid's crib. I think the final point was "No changes until you've talked with me". I can't tell you how tempting it is to follow suit.

(By the way, Niece Who Shall Remain Nameless -- you're right, Jane does have a fat face. Some of that is plain old baby chub, but a lot of it, especially that enormous double chin, is due to the steroids she's on. When the steroids go away, a lot of the fatness in the lower part of her face will go, too. It's a good question -- keep asking!)


Rachel said...

YAY BREASTFEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace said...


And is there ANYTHING nipple shields can't do? They seem to be the solution to everything. Should we ship some to the West Bank to bring about Middle East peace? To Copenhagen to solve climate change?

tia said...

Maybe we could deploy a giant nipple shield to cover the hole in the ozone layer.

Jessica said...

ICN dad today who posted a manifesto on his kid's crib. I think the final point was "No changes until you've talked with me".
---LOVE THIS! We actually put a note in Jacob's chart that said "no changes until you talk to my mom" and then our primaries also informed the team if we were not on rounds. Do it man, do it :-)