Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Day, Another Wildly Expensive Exam

Bronchoscopy day!

The bronch was scheduled for around 8:45, maybe 9 am, so I busted my, er, tail to get there in time for it. I may have driven just slightly faster than the posted speed limit during portions of the drive.

Ahem. I walked in the door of the ICN at 9:05, cursing myself for wasting time hugging Sarah goodbye at school (kidding, people, just a joke), and approached Jane's bedside to find... hey! Everyone was just standing around. Are you kidding me?

What with one thing and another, including dragging Awesome Respiratory Therapist Tim away from the cute new nurse, it was 10:02 before the show got started. 10:02! I could have slept in! I could have driven slightly more safely than I may have done this morning!

That's the excellent pulmonologist on the right with the scope (she's my height, and standing on a stool). The skinny black cord you can just make out between her two hands is the camera (!) which was slipped into Jane's spanking new, bigger tube.

They rolled this whole set-up to Jane's bed. I got to watch the whole thing, and it was extremely cool. I wish I'd taken a picture for you, but was too wrapped up in watching the screen and Jane to think of you guys. So inconsiderate. I hope you can all see fit to forgive my lapse, invisible readers. It won't happen again.

Anyway, the bronch was completely normal. I mean, totally normal. The lung tissue was pink and healthy and smooth and the architecture of her lungs was just as it should have been. No one really expected to find anything weird, but I think the pulmonologist was surprised that the lungs looked so healthy. So yay for healthy-looking lungs! Boo for another potential quick-ish fix being taken off the table. Also, there was no evidence of vascular problems, so my bet is they're not going to do the CT angiogram they'd been considering. We're having another family meeting tomorrow to discuss where we go from here.

After all the excitement (which Jane dealt with beautifully), our girl took a nice long fentanyl-assisted nap on my lap.

I put her back in bed and when I came back from the pump room Jane was wide awake and playing in the Boppy. She has this violently-colored bird toy that she just adores. She really plays with it. One of the things that's been uniformly great about Jane has been her developmental progress. Awesome Developmental Therapist Thea is always enthusiastic about how Jane's doing, and says that she's doing everything a baby her (adjusted) age should be doing. She does the slo-mo baby grab, and kicks, and tracks with her eyes and is incredibly attuned to her surroundings. It's very cool.

Not... sleepy...

And she's out again.

Oh, and the trach? Off the table until after Thanksgiving. Still time for... something to happen. I had a quick visit this afternoon with the only kid in the unit with a trach. It was meant to be reassuring. HA. HAHAHAHA. No. Please.


Rachel said...

Well, too bad there's no quick fix, but all told it sounds like she aced the wildly expensive exam. I think that overall that's a good thing. Here's hoping that you have something really great to celebrate for Thanksgiving.

artandsoul said...

What adorable pictures! I didn't even miss the pictures of the inside of her lungs - or whatever it was you thought maybe you should have taken pictures of during the bronchoscopy! No Problem!

I do love the sound of healthy tissue and all that -- has to be good in the long run, right?

Isn't it funny how kids get attached to things ... and rarely the super-cute dolly or whatever, and almost always the outrageously weird thing! I love it!

Drive safely, Tia! We all need you safe and sound with all your limbs and appendages!

Hugs - and have a great day!


Tasha said...

Yay for healthy results. That is wonderful. And that's pretty wonderful that they did it bedside. We had only 1 of our bronchs bedside. And a double yay for a fentynal nap!