Sunday, November 22, 2009


You're just not going to believe this, invisible readers. It's just too... perfect. We couldn't go down to the hospital today for a big ol' family visit because SOMEONE HAS PINK EYE. That's right, my adorable little darling daughter, the one who has been begging to see her sister and assuring me that her cough is TOTALLY ALL BETTER MOM, woke up this morning with two eyes so crusty and gross I may have gagged a little while mopping them up.

I mean, honestly. Pink eye? It had to be pink eye? That is just some nasty stuff right there.

So instead of spending the day cooing over sibling bonding, I chased Sarah with warm wash cloths and hand sanitizer in between scalding loads of laundry.

But, um, it was sunny out! So that was good. And Tom made some very tasty ribs and corn bread for dinner. And, er...

Oh, well.

Here. A little taste of what I was hoping for today, from a month ago. Just swap out Sarah's black eye then for pink eye now and it's perfect!

Awesome Nurse Tanya reported that Jane had a very nice day without us. Another good blood gas, oxygen in the high 30s and low 40s when she was sleeping, and she was planning on some play time after her afternoon nap.

Oh, and by the way: FOUR MONTHS OLD, YO!


Karen said...

What a shame you couldn't get down to the hospital. Andrew is the king of pinkeye...Polysporin Eye Drops works wonders! And 4 months old - Woo Hoo!

mommatosena said...'s been four months already....that is just crazy that you still have a sense of humor left. I am sorry that pink eye rolled into town and ruined a family visit but the ribs and corn bread sound like a decent consolation prize and I am hoping that a really icey beer went with that meal. Hoping that Sarah is feeling better today.

artandsoul said...

Four months old! Awesome Baby Jane! Happy Birthday!

When I saw the picture (before I read on) I thought to myself - "wow that is one nasty case of Pink Eye there!!!" - so I was a bit relieved to see that it was an old photo. With a black eye! What a kid! :)

I love how you are able to go with the flow - whatever it is. And how cool that the flow would include ribs and cornbread, yum!

Oh, by the say, I think Jane looks fantastic with the double chin!! :) I mean is there anything cuter than roly-poly babies?

Have a great week!