Saturday, November 28, 2009

Newsflash: Near Tragedy Averted!

No, no, not Jane. She's fine. She had another quiet day at the ICN, getting her snuggles and baths with the nurses.

I, on the other hand, nearly had a heart attack this morning when I discovered that our fridge is dead. D-E-A-D. Dying, actually, but it won't be long before it gives out altogether.

"Oh," I can hear you thinking. "Bummer. Um, not exactly a tragedy."

Not a tragedy? Look at what I nearly lost!

Two months' worth of milk. TWO MONTHS. When I discovered the thawed milk on the door I completely lost my... mind. I ran upstairs and basically threw Tom into the car and shrieked, "FREEZER. NOW." And bless him, he came through (with some help from our excellent friend Jennifer and her wonder truck). We already had a half-size freezer chest -- long since filled, I hasten to add -- but now we've got the Mac Daddy, holds half a steer, deep freeze of the gods. Thanks to the sheer volume of what I'd stuffed the fridge freezer with, the majority of the milk stayed frozen, so the transfer was made without incident and I almost passed out from relief. I even mapped out the contents of the new freezer, complete with a list of which months are in which compartments. There's nothing like a near miss to get me motivated. (Why is the expression "near miss"? I mean, I did miss. Shouldn't it be "near hit"?)

To help you understand my emotional trauma, a brief photo essay for your consideration.

The pump room at the hospital. Two months' worth of milk represents approximately 100 hours strapped to one of those machines.

My lovely assistant will now demonstrate:

(Yes, she really does do that when she goes to the pumping room with me. I did NOT set up that shot. And yes, she will hate me when she's thirteen and learns I put that photo online for all the world [well, for all forty-two of you] to see.)

Here's another taste of what I go through five or six times a day. (At least my brother-in-law will find that hilarious. The rest of you are starting to question my taste level.)

Near tragedy, my friends. Near tragedy indeed.


Kevin said...

Yes Tia...I was very entertained by the video! Didn't realize that such technology was at work in my basement over Thanksgiving!

annachorn said...

Amazing to me how you can always manage to inform or entertain us in the face of your own(in this case), thankfully averted, near disaster. Hysterical!!!! You do have a wicked sense of humor. Love it. And, two months worth of milk = 100 hours worth of pumping? (OUCH!!) Didn't think I could reach a higher level of respect for you, and for your boundless love and commitment to Jane. But, I think this just did it. Thank goodness most milk was spared. Good grief. No end to the challenges you face - expected, and NOT!!! That great sense of humor, and ability to rise to all occasions is going to get you through all this stuff until Jane is safe and sound at home with you, Tom and Sarah. God speed, as my grandmother would have said. Love, Ann

Rachel said...

I'm *so* glad that the near tragedy was averted.

artandsoul said...

Oh Tia - you can always come up with something I never thought of! (I'm still coming to terms with you doing Jane's laundry!) I'm very glad you all were able to avert that disaster.

And the Dad Lab video was great! Guys. They have no idea.


I'm going to be out of pocket for a few days - going on a retreat and (gasp) will unplug from Monday to Thursday.

Lots of prayers and thoughts will be coming your way - just no commentary on your blog! I'll post when I get back. I know Monday is going to be a day, and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers with great focus.

(The monks too ... I'll put you all on their prayer list.)


mommatosena said...

The video was great and a man will never understand the length our nipples will go to for our babies! Glad you were able to get all milk and winter food supplies placed back into safety. Sending love and prayers for tomorrow and hope that your travels are safe.

Jude Austin said...

Mother of God, I nearly fainted when I saw how much milk you could have lost. That IS a ton of time! It's not called Liquid Gold for no reason!