Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh, Yeah. The Baby

It was a Tom day with our girl. Let's see. She had a good blood gas this morning, which is always a nice thing to see. She was doing really well with her oxygen, too -- in the mid 30s -- until Tom realized that no one had told Awesome Nurse Tanya about the new parameters for the saturation levels Jane needs to maintain. So, her Os wound up in the mid-40s instead. Not bad, considering it's her first day on the decreased levels of steroids as well as a couple vent adjustments.

She's pretty fidgety these days, even before the decreased steroids. I think she just needs to move around more, do more. She's got to be bored, wouldn't you think? I mean, the binky's great and all (Tom spent an hour doing nothing but keeping her pacifier in place in the vain hope it would settle her down enough to nap), but there's more to life.

Look at that face. I defy you to look at that face and not feel your ovaries twinge. Even the three guys reading this felt it.

All right, peeps. Cross those fingers that Sarah's not carrying any plague or hamthrax or other nasty critters in her system. She hasn't been able to visit her sister in ages thanks to a lingering cough, but it seems better. Ish. Intermittent, anyway, which I was told is acceptable if she's wearing a mask. So we're hoping for a full family visit tomorrow. No whammies, no whammies, no whammies...

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artandsoul said...

Full Family Visit! Full Family Visit! Here's hoping it works!

And that picture is simply adorable - one of the best ever. She is so beautiful!