Sunday, November 29, 2009

FINALLY. Also, T-Day Minus 1

Hallelujah! I made it back to the hospital! Sarah got in some serious Daddy time today, and I got to snoogle with Jane for the first time in TEN DAYS. That's just all kinds of wrong. Ten days. Never again, invisible readers. Heck, no.

But look who was waiting for me, freshly laundered and bearing a bizarre resemblance to the Big Boy mascot.

As cute as our girl is, what really made me squee today was her footwear:

Come ON. Those are just too much. And check out the knee dimple!

She spent, what, two and a half hours in my lap? And was asleep for maybe 30 minutes. Not in a row, naturally. Why, you ask? It wasn't the tubes, or hunger, or other normal baby stuff. It was because every time someone came into the room, Janey just had to know what was going on. She is her father. It's a little freaky.

In the interests of relieving both my bladder and numb posterior, we dumped Jane back in bed. Awesome Nurse Laura (her first time with Jane) set up one of the ICN's mobiles for her for a bit. 

As soon as the music went on -- it was coming from behind her head -- she kept trying to flip over to see what the hell was making that weird sound. The weird sound being birds chirping. It didn't seem wise to let her extubate herself less than 24 hours before the (oh boy) trach, so the mobile came down.

Speaking of the trach, 1 pm eastern, people. Prepare to get your vibes on.


annachorn said...

That "footwear" looks like running sneakers to me. They are a great omen for the trach precedure tomorrow. She's going to ace that race! Glad you got some snoogle time. And, love that dimple. Not surprised she wants to know what the heck's going on around her. Inherited curiosity from her father and mother - not to mention her wonderful grandparents - Dick and Dolores. Jane is in our thoughts and prayers, as are you, Tom and Sarah, that tomorrow's procedure goes as planned. Janey is going to love getting all that paraphernalia out of her mouth. And, we look forward to your postings after the successful surgery. Vibes going, candles burning, and lots of love and prayers. Ann

Anonymous said...

Tia, Tom, Sarah and Jane -- Good Luck tomorrow and good vibes. We waved to Jane today as we drove by and sent those Marley Kate hugs and kisses your way.... Annie and Greg

webmaster said...

Jane will do great - as will you. Best wishes and vibes are on their way.

artandsoul said...

Oooh! Eye candy for my trip!! Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful girlie! Love the hair - love the sneakers (although I am still partial to toes).

Many vibes of love and goodness coming your way from down South.



Anonymous said...

We hope that everything goes smoothly for Jane...we are amazed by her strength and your courage- and Sarah makes a damn good nurse! Love, Renee, Jonathan, Olin, & Avery