Monday, November 23, 2009

Pulling The Trigger

Deed's done, peeps. Tom went down today and told the doc to go ahead and schedule the trach.

Just in time, too. Jane nearly rolled over today. For real! Our girl's adjusted age is just a month old and she's already trying to roll over. Am I worried she's going to be climbing the bookcases once she's home? You betcha.

I showed this picture to Miss Goopy Eyes. "Janey's so cute in her heart jammies! I think she misses me." Twang! That would be my heartstrings being yanked.

Awesome Nurse Karen having a little conversation with Janey. She's totally listening, too. I love that.


I suppose we'll hear tomorrow about when the surgery's going to happen. Hoo boy.

We're not feeling anxious about the decision, though. Jane's so obviously ready for this. She's trying to move freely, she's gagging on the tube, she's sucking constantly. Yeah, it's time.


mommatosena said...

For what it's worth I think this is going to be a great thing for Jane. She is a mover and a shaker and being teathered isn't going to work for her in the long run. I am sure that Jane is missing her sister and I hope that they can get together soon. Prayers of strength and patience while you head into the next phase.

annachorn said...

Lots of best wishes and prayers as you navigate the next turn in this all-too-bumpy road. Loved the "Daddyroo" photo. And, hope those yucky eyes are improving. Didn't need that, but I guess it goes with the territory.
There's always next Sunday!!!! Love, Ann

Rachel said...

I'm glad that you're feeling good about the decision. I look forward to your having to worry about Jane climbing the bookcases!

Samantha Aronson said...

with all she has been thru... this is nothin'!
She is such a beautiful wee!

artandsoul said...

Well, Tia, you're an amazing woman! Jane and Sarah have the best role model in the world with having you for a mom... Bravo!

I've found that the best things I can do for my kids is not blink... keep looking, stay present, really be there for them ... no matter what is happening. They tend to get great comfort from that. And, oddly enough, when my kids are comforted I feel better too.

I love the heart jammies - sleeveless too, eh? in Vermont? in November? How awesome is that? Shows off her rolls to perfection!

Sending you lots of love, and mucho admiration and prayers for strength and fortitude!

p.s. Happy Turkey Day Upcoming

Jude Austin said...

Yep, good call. That gal is a movahh an' a shakahh. Hi from Boston!