Thursday, November 26, 2009


All right, invisible readers. Time to get my grateful on.

Things I'm thankful for, the short list:

This building and everyone in it.

This table and everyone around it.

This kid and every day she's given us.

And you. Yes, YOU, specifically. You've been a huge support to me and Tom and Sarah and Jane. We may never have spoken in real life, we may never have met in the intertubes, but you are a meaningful part of my life and I'm grateful to you.

Darn family gatherings have gotten me all mushy. I need to go watch Die Hard or something.

Peace out, peeps. Thanks.


artandsoul said...

And I'm grateful for a lot of the stuff in your pictures too - especially everyone in that building and those people at your table!

I'm very glad you have the love and support of all your real-life peeps ... and that Jane has you!

Any love and prayer and vibe and support I can give, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to do!! You made my gratitude list - and Jane's cutie-pie face is a joy to behold!

Hugs -


Karen said...

We Canadians are thankful that you had the chance today to gather with your family and feel their love and support. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rowena said...

Sometimes I feel weird posting here, because I've never met you and haven't talked to Tom since college, but I did want you to know that I keep up with you and Jane and all my best wishes are with you and your strong little girl. So I'm thankful for you sharing your journey. :)

mommatosena said...

Hope that you ate until you could eat no more~ we are thankful that Jane continues to grow and that you are generous enough to share your journey and pics! Praying that the next holiday that comes you will all be H together! Continued prayers of strength and healing.