Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Waiting Game

Jane's stable. I'm stuck here. Tom couldn't go down today. Aaaaand, that's about it.

Let's see what I can eke out for you. Jane's rate on the vent is back down to 20 -- where it was when they got her off the oscillator way back in the middle of October. Her oxygen has been in the low 40s and high 30s even with these vent weans and the reduced steroids. She's just really doing well these days. Fussy, but strong.

Oh, and she had another eye exam and it SEEMS that there's possibly been some improvement there. I supposed at some point it won't be unreasonable to start asking how her eyesight's being affected by all this, but as with everything we have to wait to see how her eyes are when they finally get stable. WAIT WAIT WAIT.

I'm whiling away the hours not conferring with the flowers but making a mobile for Jane's crib. I've got a couple more critters to make, and need to clean these up a bit, but it's not going to keep me occupied for long.

I don't really know what to do with myself -- I've managed to wash just about everything in the house over the last three days, I can't dump Sarah at school (bad mama for even thinking it), and we only have one car at the moment (totes my fault) so my errand-running is limited to what I can manage within walking distance. Jane's not the only fidgety one in the family these days.


artandsoul said...

Those are precious little mobile animals! What are they made out of?

I love the sound of Jane's numbers and the recognition that she's strong! In the long run that is the best thing ... although it is frustrating that we can't manage the process by making it all move along a little faster!

I bet Sarah has been glad to have you hanging around. Hope her eyes are getting better.

I've got some kids coming in for Thanksgiving and I have to blink a lot and pinch myself that they're really this big and grown up and has all that time REALLY passed?

It's odd how differently time moves among all us earthlings.

Autumn cheer heading your way today -



tia said...

The critters are needle felted -- I cheat, and just pack wool roving into a cookie cutter and pokepokepoke with the felting needles until the roving is... felt. Mindlessly easy and super satisfying.

I hope your family has a lovely Thanksgiving, Cindy. Revel in each other!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! ~Kitten from TT

Anonymous said...

Oh, and those critters are so so cute - are the felted wool? ~Kitten