Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Very Special Guest Blog

We won't be heading down to the hospital on this rainy November day, so I give you a very special, very early, post courtesy of Our Girl Jane's own guest photographer: Awesome Nurse Angela.

"It is 11:05 she's been at this setting for about 35 minutes so I figured it was safe to send you the proof.

The vent picture came out pretty crappy, but she's at 30% and there and 28% on the INO.
This was so monumental I took 4 pictures of what was going on simultaneously before my eyes.
Jane's rocking it tonight for sure."
(That's Jane's monitor. The green number at the top is her heart rate, the yellow is her breathing rate, the blue is the oxygen saturation level in her blood [her best range is 90-96] -- right there is what a monitor thinks a happy sleeping baby should look like.)

(On the bottom of the screen, the tiny 30 on the far left is her oxygen setting.)

(28 percent, people. TWENTY-EIGHT! Remember, regular old room oxygen is only 21 percent -- she's only 7 points above that. A record-breaker since she was BORN.)

(The happy sleeping baby, just like the monitor told us.)

"Respiratory therapist Karen and I had wayyyy too much fun with your girl last night. Lots of snuggling and boppy time."

Whatever griping I've done about doctors and their messing with the vent and stuff, we have never once, not ONCE, been concerned about the care Jane gets. Her nurses are amazing people. They love her and worry about her every bit as much as we do. 

Yay for Jane's awesome nurses! I'm a little worried about how we're going to persuade them all to move up here when Jane comes home, but Tom's a pretty persuasive guy. I think we can make it happen.


artandsoul said...

Oh my goodness these may be some of my favorite pictures (and there wasn't a toe in sight!) -- I totally love the one of her sleeping on her tummy!!!

That Amazing Nurse Angela is CERTAINLY aptly named!! She is an angel! And a peach!! And a hero!!

I love the numbers!! She's WAAAY lower than the temps down here in my neck of the woods! Hope everyone in your life has a good night's sleep tonight!!



Karen said...

She really is so cute...and so alert. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is really only 3 weeks old (adjusted). Adorable.

Oh, and by the way, can she teach Andrew how to use the potty?


mommatosena said...

sniff sniff!! cute pics and SUPER FANTASTIC monitor numbers...yeah all I can do is cry tears of joy for you all!! Thanks for the update Awesome Angela and I don't doubt for a minute that her level of nursing care it TOPS! The Dr's ain't bad either....what a great day!