Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Shout Out To The Hood

Not everyone who reads this thing is invisible. It's about damn time I took a minute to thank all of our outstanding neighbors and friends who've been so wonderful to us through this whole thing. 

People have been fantastic about just checking in, letting us know that they're thinking about us and following along with Jane's latest hijinks. And some folks in particular have jumped right in and helped us with things like taking care of the yard (thank you, Rebecca and Linda) and taking care of the dogs (thank you, Erica and Brynn) and taking care of the nurses' need for sweets (thank you, Julie) and taking care of Sarah (thank you, MiHae, and Bill and Cathi) and taking care of us (thank you, Maggie G., and Allison, and, well, everyone). Whether it's dropping by with a little something to brighten our day (thank you, Sarah) or brighten Jane's bedside (thank you, Jen), it's just wonderful how many people have been happy to help. 

I suppose it's possible that we could do it without you, but I don't want to contemplate having to. Thanks, everyone.


artandsoul said...

Amen! What a wonderful group of friends, family and neighbors you all have!!

I imagine you're one of those peeps too, when the need arises in someone else's home - and it's what makes this world worth living in!

Bravo to a bunch of terrific people - and keep up the good work!


Meredith said...

As one of the long-distance readers, I'm so happy to hear about all the tangible support - not surprised, but happy to hear about it all the same. What a fantastic collection of people to step in and help out like this.

e said...

just catching up from a few days away from the glad we can help in some small way! can't wait to see you guys - and blue! - sometime soon...