Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Day, A Photo Essay

Jane had a lovely morning, showing off for everyone and practicing kicking things while enjoying a little nakey time. Sorry, Tom, but SOCCER.

She naturally immediately started acting up upon my arrival, but settled back down, and Crazy... ahem. I mean, Awesome Nurse Angela manhandled her oxygen all the way down to:

THIRTY-ONE PERCENT. I'm not sure anymore, but that may be a day-time record.

We got her into the Boppy in my lap, since she seemed to like it so much yesterday. All was peaceful, until this beast rolled into our quiet corner:

Gah. Chest x-ray. Not our girl's favorite activity. During her fussing afterward, we discovered something new. Can you see that shine in the corner of her eye there?  Do you know what that is? TEARS. Good god. She's that old, that her tear ducts work. Her little eyes were all welled up.

So we tried getting her settled again. She did not want my shoulder. She did not want to recline in the Boppy in my lap. She did not want the old school cradle-hold. In fact, she yakked on an epic level after a mere five minutes in the crook of my arm. Would Miss perhaps prefer some tummy time? Hmm.

After due consideration, NO.

Honestly, child! We patted, we pacified, we played womb tunes. We even got the newly-named Howard in on the act. 

At last our combined efforts soothed the savage breast. And then? RIGHT THEN? A blood-draw for genetic testing (part of the last-ditch effort to be sure not to misdiagnose Jane's situation before traching her -- they're checking to see if she has surfactant deficiency [surfactant is the stuff that keeps lung tissue pliable and allows them to expand instead of sticking together]).

I threw in the towel. And so did our girl. She passed out, I gave her a kiss and booked out of there.

On the docket for tomorrow? Reintubation with the bigger tube! Whee!


mommatosena said...

GAH!! that is a day from hell! and sounds like the next few are going to be a testament to your fortitude. She's got personality for sure! and I always thought somehow it was easier to deal with the crying when tears weren't involved; they seem to be connected to the heart strings in some special way. Now the last time this happened there were a few minutes that Jane was all on her own; will they run that experiment again this time or is this just a git er done thing. Hoping it's not a big deal for either of you and goes as smooth as possible. Love seeing all the pics....even if she was PO'd in most of them. It's hard sometimes not to laugh in the face of tantrum...thanks for sharing and as always prayers of calm and healing winging their way to all of you.

artandsoul said...

Oh she's adorable - even in the face of such an onslaught! That tummy-time picture before she's ticked is too precious for words!!

I hadn't realized that babies didn't get tears right away ... it seems mine were always crying buckets! I guess I didn't pay close enough attention at the very beginning. Or else, I just assumed there were tears - which is one of those things I do sometimes.

That is really great news about the 31 percent! I'm glad that there seems to always be a glimmer of good news among the prevailing overwhelming medical mountains.

Here's hoping that you got some good sleep last night, and have a bright day today. Sending you many hugs, and prayers for stamina and grace. Healing too!