Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Second Verse, Same As The First

Another day, another onslaught of tests and exams and procedures. I walked in to be greeted by "Eye exam!" "Oh, no!" I cry. "Oh, yes!" comes the surprise reply from... Dr. No Longer Brusque. He... he joshed with us. He learned St. Joel's name! I... we... well. I've got a week to work on a new nickname.

That ended (no real change, possibly slightly better, in any case good news because it's still just the same small area) and I went off to pump. Upon my return I was happy to learn I had avoided the whole sticking for an IV. You all know I can stomach a lot, but watching my kid bleed is tough even for me.

The resident came and did the paperwork for the medication for the tube switcheroo. We all spent half an hour or so milling around, waiting for Awesome Nurse Donna to get everything prepped. Then suddenly, zip! NEW TUBE IN OLD TUBE OUT. Within seconds of the new tube being in place Jane was sucking away at it -- they give a very short-term paralytic for the procedure, and it was remarkable how quickly she started to come out of it.

Here she is immediately afterward. They taped her feeding tube to her forehead to keep it out of the way, poor kid.

I wish I'd gotten a photo of her face as soon as she was able to move it. Her little forehead wrinkled up as if to say, "What the hell just went down here?"

Twenty minutes later, snkxzzzzzz. I could have held her, but instead just left her be. Little bug clearly needed some shut eye and I wasn't about to mess with that.

Oh, and while she was sleeping? Check out the Os!

THIRTY PERCENT! Shazam! And she was hisatting when I left; she might have made it into the twenties this afternoon. Regardless, the gauntlet's been thrown -- will Angela rise to the challenge?

Tomorrow, the bronchoscopy. We could have had the trach scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, too, but we're clinging to the hope that we may happen upon something, ANYTHING, to make it unnecessary. Who knows -- maybe something as simple as this tube change could make the difference for her. Come on, Powers That Be. Cut our girl a break. She's due.


Angela said...

Oh Tia it is SO on!!!! But I'm glad your little nugget did so well with her tube change :)

annachorn said...

Amazing after all Jane's been through she can still look so beautifully peaceful in her sleep. Clearly, lots of angels watching over her. As well as awesome nurse Angela and company. Our prayers to Jane, and hugs and prayers to you and Tom.

Rachel said...

Here's hoping that everything goes incredibly smoothly tomorrow!

Tasha said...

Hoping for some good bronch results.

mommatosena said...

Cindy I thought the same thing seeing her sleeping like that all snuggy in her blankie and soo peacefully. Glad the switch went well and that Angela caught the gauntlet! Sending all sorts of love and calming vibes but most importantly praying for FABULOUS bronch results! You all need a break!

artandsoul said...

Wow, Tia, what a day!! I love the numbers - what a fab challenge! Can't wait to hear how the night numbers went.

Today has the potential for lots of challenges. Many hearts, many prayers, much love will be heading your way.

Darling Jane looks adorable sleeping, and I hope she's loving her big gulps of air!

I'll be traveling today, but will certainly check in tonight to see the news...thoughts and prayers will continue unabated!