Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plans Schmans

New plans afoot. What else is new? I almost don't want to bother writing it out because you know perfectly well things are going to change. Again.

Oh, all right. Rate's back up to 30, pressure's back down to 13, some other little adjustments. The entire group of docs decided jointly to take her off the two inhaled medications (a steroid and a broncho-dilator) since they don't seem to be doing much. And then no changes for a couple days to see how it goes. Well, no weans anyway.

She did have a better day today, resting better, and while I held her we got her oxygen back down to 50% for about an hour. So it was a good start.

Then, another tubby! Which she promptly pooped in.

Afterward, Awesome Nurse Kristy and I just managed to get her in her cute owl shirt for what will almost certainly be the last time. It's like a preemie belly shirt at this point.

How about the fauxhawk? I swear that's entirely natural. Towel-dry the hair and it just flips right up. Sarah had it, too.

And then, Boppy time. I finally got to see her in action, and oh, man. Peeps, she's just so darn cute in that thing.

"Aaah! Bunny attack!"

So, you know. ICN livin'.

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