Monday, November 9, 2009

Model Jane, pt 2

While we wait for the consult from Boston Children's, what do you say we take a gander at Jane's second photo session?

(Toes for Cindy!)

Uh, that last one is my attempt to Photoshop the tubes out. Except I don't have Photoshop. The iPhoto editor is a pretty clumsy device, so instead of a baby with tubes, Jane looks like a baby with five o'clock shadow.

(The photos are done by a volunteer professional photographer who comes in from time to time, which is unbelievably cool of her. I'd love to have Sarah down for a session with Jane sometime.)

Jane had a pretty nice day today; her oxygen stayed in the high forties-low fifties most of the day, and she was easily calmed when she got fussy. I got to hold her for nearly three hours. But all of this good stuff is happening on quite a lot of support, which is a bummer. She had an EKG for a cardiology consult, which Awesome Nurse Katrina thought looked normal. So, we wait.

I have this sense that we're heading for surgery. For no good reason, and I'm not exactly an intuitive person, but it just feels... inevitable. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH BEING WRONG HERE.


artandsoul said...

I'm oohing and aahhing here! And excuse me but Jane has quite a few yummylicious rolls on her arms and legs. I mean, I can almost TASTE her!

Love the toes! Thank you!!

She looks rather like she enjoys the whole being a model, putting down the black velvet, camera focusing on her thing.

I have a great love of One Day At A Time, and hard as it is, it really helps. No matter what happens we'll get through it one day at a time.

This day, pretty good. Certainly very PRETTY!

mommatosena said...

Cindy said it's so true one day at a time...and TASTY is right! She is such a GORGEOUS baby and so big! Hugs and oooodles of love and prayers as always.