Monday, November 16, 2009


No news, really. During rounds, I brought up the fact that Jane's been stable, really stable, for a week now and given that she's been doing so well, shouldn't we maybe take advantage of it and try to decrease her settings a little? I mean, I don't want to be pushy, but chop chop, people! Let's not just wait around here! Give the girl a break while we can, am I right?

So they made one little adjustment to one of her pressure settings. Sounds like they pretty much just want to let her sit tight until the bronchoscopy (Thursday), after which Dr. Congenial said he wants to devise a plan for Jane with steady, methodical weans of both the ventilator and the steroids. Sort of like what they did earlier to get her off the oscillator. Remember? The thing that worked great until they let the excitement go to their heads?

I'm NOT bitter. Really. Really!

Jane and I spent another three hours snoogling -- this time, kiddo got the benefit of 1) my lap; 2) the Boppy; 3) the rocker; and 4) the ever-present paci. It only took thirty minutes of the combined simultaneous efforts of the above PLUS me patting her bottom to get her from this:

to this:

She's exactly adorable enough that I didn't mind having my finger clamped in her gums for nearly three hours. (Any time I tried to remove it, she'd start to wake, and if she woke, instant WAH face.) I'll just say that kiddo's got some mighty strong jaws and leave it at that. Just another example of a mother's sacrifice. (If only you could see my pose of noble suffering.)

Oh, the excellent ENT doc called Tom tonight. Sounds like they generally don't trach a kid unless they're going to be on a vent for a minimum of three months after the surgery. Three months. Um, okay. That's... okay. I'm not going to hyperventilate just yet.


mommatosena said... precious....can I tell ya though that I got a cramp in my hand thinking about you holding it there for all that time! LOL The things that mommies will do to keep the eyes closed! Hope you have more wonderful time with her today. As always prayers and positive healing thoughts headed your way.

artandsoul said...

Precious! And those pictures of Jane looking straight into the camera are reminding me more and more of that tiny thumbnail on your profile!

Those eyes!!

I like that the ENT and docs are being careful and giving everyone time to wrap around the ideas and the plan. You all are an amazing team!

And of course continued positive thoughts, healing energy and prayers galore heading your way.

Any chance you have a PO Box that folks could send cards of support to? My email is: artandsoul2009 at hotmail dot com if you don't want to post it to the wide world!

And I did notice that little bare foot sticking out of the covers in the second picture!! Adorable!!


mommatosena said...

LOL Cindy I thought the same thing when I saw that picture and figured that you would pick up on that!!

artandsoul said...

Tia's going to think I have a foot fetish!

But really it's just baby's feet and toes, I swear!