Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three Card Monte

I'm trying to make this quick, invisible readers. I'm solo tonight, the dogs need walking and I still have to pump one more time before bed. Let's get to it.

During rounds today, Different Awesome Doctor finally gave me a breakdown. Jane's current less than ideal trending is due to one of three things: her BPD, the funky lobe in her right lung, or a steroid dependency making itself known during this ongoing sloooow wean. And really, there's no way to tell for sure. Pick a card, any card. But he did give the resident a hard time about the stupid little adjustments he's been making (yay!) and recommended that she be left alone for a while longer if possible (see? see? what have I been saying all along? sheesh.)

Pulmonology came up this morning for another consult (she'd been up ages ago when Jane's BPD first started getting really bad and there were suspicions of pneumonia -- remember?), and it looks like she's going to recommend a CT scan to get a closer look at the lung (jesus).

It turns out that last Friday when opthalmologist not-Dr. Brusque did the exam, she saw Stage 3 ROP in BOTH eyes, half of one hour in each (jesus).

And tomorrow they're doing a sweat test to test for cystic fibrosis (JESUS).

To offset the craptastic news that's been coming in threes, how about three bits of baby eye candy?

1) How we snoogle (she gets ridiculously sweaty sometimes -- that test tomorrow should be a piece of cake):

2) How we know Jane is really, REALLY, into checking herself out in the mirror:

and 3) How we know when Jane is not pleased:

Ugh, gotta go. Damn dogs. Anyone interested in a 15 year old mutt and a indeterminately youngish hound? Anyone? They're excellent with children! Up to date on shots! More or less trained-ish sort of! Anyone? Hello?


Rachel said...

Oh, tough day. Here's hoping that tomorrow goes smoothly!

artandsoul said...

Hugs to you, Tia. This sounds like the kind of day where "Blech" works. Although with such a cutie pie snoogled on the chest, it may be hard to keep that up.

Her little face and hands are just irresistable!
And, I hope we get a new toe picture soon - what is it about baby fingers and toes?

When I had three babies and a dog I often found myself grateful for the kennel ... and (don't tell anyone but) I wondered about kennels for kids!

We all survived. Mothers (and the rest) have a way of doing that. Hope your day today has some good news and some lovely moments.


mommatosena said...

Thanks for the pics as they are precious! I agree with Cindy time for toes again! Sorry for a dump of ugliness and hoping that today the snow skips you and that you get some news that is worth celebrating! hope you are treating yourself to a glass of wine...or a beer even better for the milk supply! hugs