Monday, October 26, 2009


Jane had her first professional photo session yesterday. A volunteer professional photographer came to the ICN to take pictures of the babies. Miss J was awake but would NOT open her eyes. Still, they got some cute shots. Here are a few of my favorites:

Today was the big nitric wean! And it went... not so well. She went from 48% oxygen to (you can guess right? You know what's coming, just like I did, and I even mentioned it during rounds, which I just barely made it to, and they brushed off my concerns a little, but I wasn't going to ask them not to do it anyway) 100% in about two minutes. Where she hung out for an hour before they gave up and turned the nitric back on. Within ten minutes she was back at 48%. Kid does NOT like having her drugs taken away. Remember the morphine experiment? She did come off the morphine eventually, but that first try was not what you'd call a success. Why would it be any different this time? Still, worth the attempt, and I suspect the second go will have a different flavor.

There was renewed talk of a move today, too. There's a space opening up on the tile side in a quieter area. It has a window, and a VIEW. Yes! Sounds like they may do that until she comes off the nitric and we can sneak over to the carpet before anyone realizes what we're up to.


annachorn said...

Jane weans on her own terms. Tile and window is good in the interim. Meantime, carpet's a comin'. And, these photos are the ultimate diva baby. Just gorgeous. Know it's not been easy, but you have brought her so far. Would that all children had such devoted parents.

artandsoul said...

Those toes!!

mommatosena said...

OMG!! I am with ya! those feet!! SOOOOOOO stinkin' cute! I confess though that Sarah's pics were just as good!! As for the wean Miss Jane has told them again and again that she isn't into the cold turkey route...and who would be....they will catch on and the next wean won't be as drastic I bet...but good info none the less...a view....praying hard that the room with a view is yours in the next day or so...and yeah the carpet is a comin' soon!! Continued prayers and love for you all!!