Friday, October 9, 2009

Keepin' On

Welp, not much to report today.  Tom and I were both there to meet with this fortnight's attending and he really didn't have a lot to say.  In summary: Jane's handling the weans pretty darn well, he's pleased with her overall appearance and alertness, and he's thinking that a switch to the conventional vent lies in her near future.  I think the entire meeting took all of ten minutes.

It's weird.  Jane's stable enough that there's not a lot to say, but she's still acute enough that there's not a lot of projecting that anyone feels comfortable attempting.  Everyone just sort of says, "Okay.  Well, she looks good for now.  Hope she keeps going like this."  Really?  That's all you've got?  I mean, we already knew all that.  Isn't there like a medical Magic Eight Ball you guys can consult to give us a little something extra?  No?

So, the wean's back on.  Jane's pressure setting as of 3 pm was 14.5.  The consensus seems to be that getting her to 12 and then switching to the conventional vent will give them a little wiggle room.  They could technically make the switch now (one of the younger docs is itching to do it), but the vent would be at its maximum settings, so if she didn't like it there'd be nowhere to go but back to the oscillator.  

I can't wait for her to be off that darn thing.  Not only does it take up to three nervous medical professionals to move her just so I can hold her, but it is LOUD.  Hanging out near one is like hanging out in the laundry room with the dryer running.  The world is going to be so strange to her without all the ambient noise.  That dryer sound has been part of most of her life.  It'll kinda be similar to what it must be like to be, well, born.  You know -- swish, swish, swish... nada.

Oh, guess what?  Jane is as of... NOW exactly the same weight Sarah was when she was born.  Six pounds, three ounces.  How 'bout that?

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annachorn said...

Sounds like - dare I say? - Jane has turned that proverbial corner (still with ambidextrous crosses here), but seems to be out of the deep woods. Praise to every Deity I can think of... Suggest you and Sarah finish getting Jane's room ready for her arrival - YES!!!!!! And, by the way, do think Tom looks great with the beard.