Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Movin' On Up

Bring on the U-Haul! It's moving day!

I actually got a little nostalgic saying goodbye to bedspace 28. I blame the post-partum hormones.

The Jane train. Awesome Nurse Jane helmed the crib, Awesome Baby Jane supervised, Awesome RT Kim was in charge of the nitric machine, and that's St. Joel at the back, cracking jokes and steering the vent around the flotsam of the nursery. I was in charge of taking crappy pictures and moving non-essential stuff out of the way.

Check out the digs!

"Compact loft. All mod cons. Mtn vu. Prvt."

Before all the moving excitement, Jane had her four hundred and thirty-seventh head ultrasound. All seems well, just a teensy bit of swelling left over from the hydrocephalus (remember? her brain? how it all got bleedy and then swelly? yeah, that again. only, not so much anymore). Awesome Nurse Jane thought they'd probably schedule another ultrasound in, like, six months. Seriously. That's how not a big deal it is anymore.

Oh, and her eye exam yesterday went really well. Dr. Brusque (who nearly re-earned his name -- no thank yous, no pet names for Jane, nada) thought the Stage 3 had gone back down to Stage 2, so we're off the bi-weekly exam schedule and back to weekly. Excellent!

Except for that whole nitric wean debacle, things are looking pretty good. Her oxygen needs went up slightly today (she was in the 50s all day, and they boosted her pressure support back up again), and Tom's understandably worried that it could be the beginning of another tough time, but I'm tossing salt over my shoulder and hoping otherwise.


mommatosena said...

WOW!! Love the loft you found but I bet the rent is outrageously expensive! I would pay the price too for the view alone! Glad that the move went smoothly and that you and Jane will get to enjoy some great light and views! Looks like everything is on target for H! Do we have to make it to carpet first cause I am getting the impression that Jane is going to like this new spot and perhaps not want to move again until that big 'un! SO happy for all the good news and tossing loads of salt here too!

artandsoul said...

Fantastic! Love the view ... keeping our fingers crossed down here in Florida and throwing salt and all that stuff.

Jessica said...

Jane invaded her boyfriends space not even 24 hours after he left for Boston :-) How cute! bedspace 18 has a wonderful view and we didn't want to leave ourselves. -{HUGS}-