Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Real Diva

Okay, so this is hiLARious. Are you ready? Jane, our funny little tiny preemie Jane, decided to go ahead and extubate herself today. HAHAHAHA. Good lord.

Here's what happened. Jane was a little twitchy this morning lying on her stomach. Gassy, couldn't get comfortable. So she was wiggling around a lot during rounds. About five minutes after everyone finished doing rounds on her, just after she was flipped on her back to try to get her comfy again, her nurse looked down and was all, "Oh, I think Jane just extubated herself." One of the other nurses popped around the corner to grab everyone (there were like 16 people present during rounds today -- it's quite the traveling circus) while I flagged down an RT, and before you could blink she was bagged and back on oxygen. The cool thing (seriously, not being snarky here) was that during the whole time that they were placing the IV to administer the paralytic to reintubate JANE WAS BREATHING ON HER OWN. For like fifteen minutes! Granted, she was on 100% oxygen, but she was doing all the physical breathing her ownself. It was hard work, but she did it. I was pretty proud. Reintubating her was completely unremarkable and she was plugged back in.  The whole thing took maybe twenty minutes.

And then I went to the pumping room for a nice quiet heart attack.

The attending stopped by later in the afternoon, and agreed that it was great that she'd been able to do all that breathing, and mentioned that he'd been kind of wanting to see how she'd do if she were extubated. Not exactly the scenario he'd envisioned, but it got him the info. She can breathe, it's hard work, but she oxygenated nicely and her heart never faltered. Okay, then.

Hey, Jane. How 'bout we leave the extubations to the pros next time, mkay?


annachorn said...

Scary, but love that this little lassie is keeping everyone on their toes. Obviously, she knew the info the docs were looking for. Not the first time she's taken things into her own hands to offer instruction. And, FIFTEEN minutes breathing on her own? Awesome! She's going to be fine. Who's going to take care of you and Tom?

Rachel said...

I think she's just trying to get herself a drug fix the only way she knows how...

mommatosena said...

The first of many heart attacks that Jane will providing I am sure! That was an awesome accomplishment!