Thursday, October 22, 2009

No More Mr. Not-Nice Guy

In all the excitement around Jane's zero day, I forgot to tell you that yesterday she had another eye exam and Dr. Brusque was... personable. He said hello to me. He called Jane "sugar bear". He said thank you to everyone. He ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS. I was so flustered I forgot half of what I wanted to know.

Anyway, Jane's right eye has, ahem, "extra retinal neovascularization or vessels that are growing into the vitreous toward the examiner" in less than half of one clock-hour in Zone 2 (if you picture a clock face, the funky blood vessels are growing right around where the 11 would be, but not on the outside perimeter of the eye -- they're a little further in, but not in the iris). There was no progression between Monday and yesterday, which is good news, so he's going to continue the twice-weekly exams until things either resolve on their own or get worse.

Let's see. Today, Day 1 of Jane's forward-aging, they dropped the rate on her vent from 30 to 25 and dropped her nitric to 4, which kinda rocks given the whole extubating when she gets to 20 on the rate and is off the nitric thing.

Umm, what else? Awesome Nurse Donna said she was going to put Jane in a bouncy chair today! Like ya do with babies! And they're only going to weigh her every other day instead of daily because they're so afraid of another accidental extubation. Which reminds me, last night Awesome Nurse Allie caught Jane with her hand, still with mitt on, IN HER MOUTH GRABBING THE TUBE. For real.

So, while Sarah and I spent a glamorous day at home cleaning out the pantry cupboard and grocery shopping, Jane was scaring the bejeezus out of every last person at the ICN. Our girl's got skillz!


annachorn said...

Maybe "Dr. Brusque" is reading the blog. Welcome to the human race, Doc!!!!!!! More importantly, all the above suggests being ever closer to the "H" word. Wonderful. And, happy you and Sarah had a little more quality time - even if it was house-related chores.

Sheila Peuchaud said...

Wonderful to see her doing so well!

After she gets off the vent, what do they need to see for her to come home?

tia said...

Hey, sheila!

Let's see. Once she can breathe, Jane needs to be able to eat in some fashion, and sleep without apnea episodes or bradychardia. I have no idea how she'll do with the apnea, but her heartrate has been solid through every single crappy scare she's had so I'm not worried (yet) about bradychardia. She's also good at putting on weight, but hasn't had to tackle actually eating, so that's the one that I'm guessing might be problematic.

I *think* that's it. Just breathing, eating and sleeping. Jane's got two months to figure it out and make it home for the holidays.

MiHae Hooper said...

Happy be-lated "zero" day birthday! I have been mostly an ivisible reader of late. But read every night and make the appropriate gasps, chuckles, occassionally wipe a tear, and always send good vibes (and internet connection ;) to my neighbors accross the street. I am so thrilled by her growth and strength and that spirit! Wow. I've been wicked sick and avoiding folks, particually folks who have small hospitalized babies.
But we think about you all the time. And Bea is dying to have a play date with Miss Sarah. So when I'm clear of fevers and have disinfected my home, we would love to have her over. Maybe even this weekend? I miss you and hope to catch up in person soon. xo MiHae

Rachel said...

I love it when you and Jane have good days. Here's hoping she rocks the bouncy seat world.