Monday, October 12, 2009

A Little Number Crunching

Here's where we stand with the ventilator plan:

Pressure: goal of 12, currently 13
Amplitude: goal of 20s, currently 32
Nitric: goal of 10, currently 13

Would you look at those numbers?  LOOK at them!  Someone, and I'm not naming names, but Someone Whose Name Begins With J just might be off the oscillator by as early as Wednesday. WEDNESDAY.  Mark it on your calendars and check back in two days.

In the meantime, proof that Jane has broken the 40% mark!  This photo was from last week, but Jane also managed it last night AND this evening (got down to 36%, in fact).  It's like the ICN equivalent of breaking the four minute mile.  (Okay, it isn't at all like that, but I can't come up with a better metaphor right now.)

My girl RULES.

Bonus: cute baby!

Pics by guest photographer Angela.  Holla!


Rachel said...

Woah! That's some awesome progress there, Jane!

Renee said...

Woo Hoo! Go Jane!

mommatosena said...

Looks like Jane is kicking some a@@ and not taking names! Go girl! Love all the pics and glad that the grandparents finally got to take in some of that sugar first hand!

Cat said...

Look at how much hair she's getting!!! No wonder she can keep her temp up! YAY Jane!