Friday, October 2, 2009

New Plans Afoot

We gots some plans in the works, peeps.

The team has gotten pretty serious about weaning Jane off this damn vent.  So, every day at noon the pressure setting goes down by .5, and every day at midnight the amplitude will go down by 1.  In two weeks they hope to have her down to 12 on the pressure (currently at 17) and in the 20s on the amplitude (currently at 41).  All of this will be subject to Jane's willingness to go along with it.  But she's been handling the changes over the last week really well, and they intend to move more cautiously as we get closer to the goal.

Also weaning: the isolette!  The roof is up pretty much all the time now to see how well she does regulating her temp.  Today?  She did awesome.  She was bundled up in a blanket and gown and hit 98.6 all day.

That's her head in the middle there.  I was shading her eyes with my hands when she was starting to wake, and she looked so snug and sleepy and adorable I could have eaten her with a spoon.

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artandsoul said...

Can she get any cuter??? Good heavens, I'm going to need oxygen soon - great news!! All of it!!