Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Very Special Guest Star

Invisible readers, it is my very great pleasure to introduce to you....

Awesome Nurse Angela!
I thought it was high time you people met one of our favorite nurses.  In the ICN, you sort of build your own preferred team of nurses.  There are Primaries and Loves.  The primaries, as you might guess, always work with their babies when they're on duty.  Next in line are the loves.  I don't know how they duke it out if more than one of a baby's loves is working at a time, but they manage somehow. 

Jane's two primaries are Donna, who we see a lot of and who has been a rock helping us through most of Jane's hardest periods, and Allie, who we've never once met.  She mostly works nights.  One of these days at the hospital some random woman is going to come up and give us a huge hug and once we get over being startled we'll realize that our assailant is actually the awesome Allie.  She's been lovely and always gushes over how cute Jane is, so obviously she is a brilliant and perceptive medical professional.

Then there is our guest star, one of Jane's loves.  One of the many reasons we love Angela is that she is hilarious.  Sarcastic and self-effacing and all about the scuttlebutt (which is why Tom loves her).  Another is that she is right on top of that oxygen level.  She'll turn it down the second Jane gives her a reason to and won't turn it up unless Jane's been desatting for a while. Within reason, of course.  She's not totally crazy.  But today she got Jane down to... 37%!  Beers on me!  Except for a brief foray into the 50s, Jane spent the entire day in the 40s with a couple dips into the high thirties.  How awesome is that?  This is how awesome: Jane's oxygen hasn't been that low since, as far as I can tell, AUGUST 15.  It's been six weeks, people.  Six WEEKS! We heart Nurse Angela.

But the good news doesn't end there.  We had snoogle time today!  I spent the entire morning with my arms in the isolette with Jane and the afternoon snuggled up with her on the Big Blue Chair.

(photo by Angela)

Here is how much Jane adores her Awesome Nurse Angela:

I'm sorry, but that is one cute baby right there.  And one lucky kid to have such fabulous people caring about and for her.


mommatosena said...

What a blessed day.

annachorn said...

Three cheers for great nurse Angela and 37%!!!! Nice to meet her, virtually anyway. Jane IS one lucky kid, especially to have such devoted parents. Wonderful, undoubtedly, award-winning pic of you with your absolutely beautiful daughter. Never saw a more heart-warming photo with such a contented mother and child. Can't wait for the Christmas card!!!!!