Friday, October 23, 2009

Diva, Part Two

Jane spent some quality time chilling in her new furniture today.

She was a little skeptical at first.

But the simultaneous attentions of Awesome Nurses Donna (milk tube), Kristy (belly rub) and Meg (head massage by the future doppelganger of my three-year-old niece Molly) changed her mind pretty quickly. Apparently a team of three nurses will just suffice to meet the demands of a three month old prima donna.


Aaaaand she's out.

It was a great day medically, too. Jane is now, officially down to TWENTY on the rate on her vent and THREE on the nitric. Sing it! She's doing so well with all this weaning that Donna may have said something about (ahem) THANKSGIVING. Not going to say anything beyond that, god knows something'll come along to screw it up if I do, but there's a chance the timeline may be revised thanks to kiddo's awesome efforts.


Rachel said...

Yay! That's a great day for sure!

mommatosena said...

I think that Jane has already packed for H in her mind and is now just trying to get her body and everyone else on the same time line! Glad that the eye is holding steady and that the Dr was available to you! I am sure that you found a months worth of meals in the pantry! I did that ugly chore last week as well and haven't had to grocery shop for more than milk and eggs the last few do we loose so many things in something that we access daily?

artandsoul said...

Singing the numbers is a great way to start the day here! Great news!

Sheila Peuchaud said...

Wonderful news. She's really getting to be a baby like any other, and it's great to see.

Penny said...

She's so cute! Hope you get an extra special something for your turkey day too.