Thursday, October 15, 2009


Invisible readers, two consecutive awesome days!  In a row!

I showed up, and Jane's Awesome Primary Nurse Donna was back from a two-week vacation and was she psyched to see our girl.  Jane was wide awake and being super cute and practicing smiles and happy faces.

I got some pumping out of the way and we snoogled for a couple hours.

While Jane caught some z's, Donna got ready some fun new stuff.  First, her very first tub bath!

It took two changes of water to get her clean (someone was so relaxed she pooped copiously. Twice.), but we got rid of the funky neck cheese at last!  And then (oh, man, you're just not even going to believe it), she got dried off and bundled up in her Brand! New! Crib!

Peeps, she has TOYS in there.  And her tunes.  And, like, baby stuff.  Because all of a sudden she's a great big baby girl.  She even has a mirror in there, which she kept checking out just like someone else we know, but I won't name names (Tom).  

Now, here's the most awesome part of the move to the crib.  Ready?  It's too big for the bed space.  Yes!  You're all out there thinking, "In what way could this possibly be good news?" Welp, I'm going to tell you in what way.  The nursery has two main divisions: the tile side (where everyone starts out, and where the critical kids and most of the kids still on ventilators have to stay) and the carpet side (where the older and more stable kids get to be).  The carpet side has night!  They dim the lights so the babies can develop their circadian rhythms.  And there's, like, carpet!  And bureaus for stuff!  And, I don't know, there may be a spa in there somewhere, too.  Anyway, I've been dying to get Jane over there, but she couldn't go on the oscillator, but now...  Oh, invisible friends, now it's a whole new ball game.  Donna's excellently devious plan is to make Jane's bed space completely awkward to work with so that the Powers That Be are FORCED to move her over to the carpet.  Brilliant!

Oh, oh, AND she now weighs THREE KILOS (6 lbs, 11 oz), AND she's out of the newborn diapers and into size 1s.  She doesn't fit into preemie clothes anymore!

It was totally a good day.


Karen said...

Oh, Tia!! She looks so awesome in that crib! Totally a good day, I agree.

Rachel said...


I was hoping that carpeting would be in your future.

mommatosena said...

wow! here we come carpeting! so long neck cheese! The only thing better than a move to a crib will be H!! Jane is rocking it and the pics of that cuteness! is good for the eyes and soul!

artandsoul said...

WOW! That is absolutely an awesome, awesome day!

Meredith said...

This is all most excellent! Most excellent!