Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Story Mostly in Pictures Plus Some Words

See Jane kickin' it old school:

See Jane on standby (ooh, something's up, she can feel it):

See the Nervous Resident pull the old switcheroo on Jane's breathing tube:

See Jane chill with Uncle Matty and her Brand! New! Ventilator!

"Whoa.  Tell me the truth.  Did they just totally switch me over to the conventional vent AND give me a brand new breathing tube?"  

"Yep, they sure did."

See Jane mull things over: 

"Lady, that was intense."

Peeps, today pretty much rocked.  My brother was able to come down to meet his newest niece for the first time, and that was going to make for a darned nice day.  Imagine my surprise when Awesome Nurse Brenda told us that the team decided during rounds that TODAY WAS THE DAY.  They thought Jane had pretty much plateaued with the weaning so there was no point in waiting for her any longer.

Well, damn!

After much sitting around and waiting and SIX FAILED ATTEMPTS to put in an IV line (the worst part of the whole thing BY FAR), at 3 pm this afternoon Jane's new resident and two respiratory therapists and one nurse practitioner and two RNs almost simultaneously extubated and reintubated our girl.  The new tube is the same size as the previous one but has an inflatable cuff that the medical team can use to get a better fit.  Jane was outgrowing the tube and had a small air leak, but isn't big enough yet for the next size, so: water wing for the trachea!

As soon as the new tube was in place, pretty much everyone left and the RTs made the simple switch from the oscillator to the CONVENTIONAL VENT. 

She was at, oh, 55%-60% oxygen before the switch, 100% during, and by 5:30 was down to 47%.

It was amazing.  Jane was amazing.  I didn't want to leave.

Oh, and Matt?  You are officially Jane's good luck charm.  Consider yourself on call for the foreseeable future.

Funny end note: The attending stopped by Jane's bed about half an hour after it was done, and was all "Um, hello?  I'm the attending?  The guy in charge?  I wanted to be here for this!"


Rachel said...

I had to comment both places. Yay!!!!!!!!!! And, hey, look at that - it was Wednesday afterall.

artandsoul said...

How awesome!!! Jane may have a feel for southern climes - we're hoping for 47 by tomorrow night!

I love that all this good stuff happened and she can chill and mull with her uncle.

Good stuff - have a good night!

Meredith said...

What a great story! Great news! Yay!

webmaster said...

Fantastic news! What a great day.

Hmm, odd - my verification word: "thlonicu"

Karen said...

Way to go Jane - you rock! And I love your spiky hair and your chubby chins, you are so cute.