Thursday, October 29, 2009

Water Baby

All right, let's make this quick, people. I've got a Halloween costume to make and a day and a half to do it. I gotta knock this post out and get back to handstitching in front of Project Runway pronto.

ANYWAY. Cute baby in the bath. Photos by Angela. Ready? GO.


New plan in the works. In brief, they're going to keep turning down her rate (the number of breaths the vent makes her take) until the rate is off and she's breathing on her own except for pressure support. They brought it down from 20 to 18 today, and will probably give her a day to get used to it before they mess with it again. And they're going to get her nitric back to 1 (it's at 2 today) and then leave it alone for like a week. THANK YOU.

I had a long, interesting conversation with Awesome RT Richard today who explained all about all this crazy respiratory stuff. I wish I'd recorded it. The takeaway? Her underlying lung disease isn't really the main thing anymore. The machines themselves are now the issue, and what the team is doing is training her to get over the crutch they've provided for so long.

There! Now I'm going to dig my thimble out from the couch cushions and get back to work. Talk amongst yourselves...


mommatosena said...

OMG!!!! Love the tubbie pics!!! Have I told you she is precious! seriously you make some cuteness! Good luck with the costume and what is Sarah going to be? I am sure that Jane will be crutchless in no time...she doesn't seem to be the type to let moss grow under her feet! It also seems that perhaps she has everyone playing on her terms now and is getting the time she needs for the adjustments!

artandsoul said...

Can I say she has the cutest chin and neck (not that we can really SEE that neck) and I bet getting kisses in there is simply heaven.

What is it about babies in the bath that are so darn charming??

Enjoy your little ??? and Halloween! My girls were all Princess/Bride/Fairies for years. Till they became hoboes and army guys. But shh, I won't tell you about those pre-teen years just yet.

tia said...

Sarah was *going* to be a fairy princess, actually -- right out of the dress-up box, too. As a lazy lazy mother, I was stoked. But then Tom started telling stories about a certain nocturnal visitor and she changed her tune. Gah. I'll post a pic tomorrow. HAHAHA, that's right! You're all just going to have to wait!