Sunday, October 4, 2009


I earned my mama stripes today: I took Sarah to the hospital.  Solo.  And kept her happy(ish) even while I was having to take care of Jane and talk to her nurses and RTs.  Tom had meetings all weekend (a shout out to the VCFA board!), so Sarah and I had to rely on each other for company.

We got to the hospital just in time for Jane's noon "cares": taking her temperature, changing her diaper and feeding her.  Sarah helped with all of that, and checked Jane's heart to boot.

Once we had Jane fully accounted for and tucked back in, it was time for our lunch and a quick break on the newly-finished hospital roof deck.

We headed back inside for some work in the pump room and then a little bedside Alice's Adventures in Wonderland until Jane's three o'clock cares.  We're dipping swabs into Jane's milk so she can suck on them and have something nice in her mouth for a change.  She currently has to put up with the feeding tube, the breathing tube and the all-new addition of... a swab of Nystatin four times a day for her thrush.  Yep, super-common, easily-treated, gross old thrush. Poor kid deserves a taste of something normal, don't you think?

We got her swaddled again and left our little burrito tucked in with her tunes.  Awesome Nurse Tanya hunted down a portable CD player and claims she's playing lullabies.  I don't know any lullabies with a thumping bass line, but maybe I'm just old.

And we were homeward bound, having survived it all without a single dropped child, wardrobe change, or screaming episode.

The medical team is still going full-bore with the weaning.  Jane's down to 16 on the pressure setting, and 39 on the amplitude.  But she did spend the entire day at 57% oxygen.  I think she may need a little downtime to adjust to all these changes, but I'm willing to let them keep going as long as she doesn't get too much deeper into the O2.  But the roof's been up on her isolette for two days running and she's been just fine.  Body temperature regulation: another thing to check off the list.

(A bonus pic of Sarah.  I couldn't keep this one to myself.)


Rachel said...

Woah. I am *so* impressed. You must be exhausted now! And what a gorgeous picture of Sarah!

webmaster said...

Sarah is such a beautiful and helpful nurse! Surely this experience will build an amazing bond between them as sisters.

And that rooftop deck is pretty awesome.

switters said...

Sounds like she's (all y'all) is/are doing pretty good. Nice to hear.

As for lullabies with thumping bass lines, here's one among many.

mommatosena said...

Love to come home and read all the great things that are happening for baby Jane. It amazes me as well what women consider a day off but the reward of a de fugged couch well that is awesome! That picture of Sarah is AMAZING! Glad the crib is ready and waiting 'cause had you left it in the barn it would have guarenteed an early snow; and I am not quite ready for that quite yet! I would also like the roads clear as late a possible to make your travels easy! Continued prayers and glasses raising to all of Jane's success'.

tia said...

Switters (and yes, I feel retarded [SO not PC!] for calling you that), I knew I could count on you to school me in matters musicological.

Are you ever going to move?