Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something New

See Jane.

See Jane play!

While Sarah and I spent some quality time with the FIERCE DINOSAURS at the nearby science museum, Jane got her Boppy on.

Oh, what is that?  Don't make me...

I'm serious... I don't wanna...

Ooh, cute baby!


This was Tom's favorite.  "Babies of the ICN!  Follow me to freedom!"

Obligatory adorable close-up.

She was similarly cute and active and flirtatious during rounds this morning, watching everyone and generally charming the pants off the docs.  So much so that when the attending stopped by to chat this afternoon, she said something about Jane trending toward... EXTUBATION, possibly within the next four weeks. Now, take this with a big old grain of salt (and then throw it over your shoulder while knocking wood, etc) because this particular doctor is always saying very encouraging things.  At the very least, she seems to think Jane will not be coming home on a vent (please god), and said during rounds that if it weren't for the tube, Jane looks like a baby who should be on her way home.

Oh, these words.  These exciting, scary words!


webmaster said...

So. Wonderful!

artandsoul said...

I love big words that begin with E-X-T!!

Absolutely adorable pictures!

Renee said...

And words that begin with "H"!